TEDxBern : 1 Day to go!

It isn’t meant to be a countdown, but somehow it is. There is just 1 Day left until the famous “Now, on with the show!” moment. But let me go back a bit further first:

T-19 days : I sat down with Johannes “Hänu” Hartmann from Decoy Collective.  We chose music for the opening reel, discussed open points regarding live-streaming,  and we went over the post-production schedule.


During the weekend there were a lot of livestream testing and checklist preparations.

T-14 days : Fabian and I held the first round  of rehearsals.  What can I say, I’m more than thrilled to have our speakers on stage!


During the same time there was the Frontend Conference taking place in Zurich.  Parts of the live-streaming setup was tested at the conference under real conditions.


T-7 days : The team of Swisscom Eventsolutions literally rewired the Gurten. They also installed fiber to allow the internet to work for our live-stream and for the audience to have wifi. In the afternoon we tested everything through. I’m truly stoked to see that happening!

T-4 days : Checking back with Bänz from Onebus to see how the Stage looks and discussing the transportation.

T-2 days : The stage needs big red TEDx Letters, they are moved from Zurich to Bern by car. Small Intro videos need to be cut, lists updated, last-minute-calls made.

So let’s go there 1 Day to go – All green (but still a lot to do)!

And next to the obvious and bulky things, there are a lot of small things you need to take care of:

Comfort Monitors : These are an essential piece for the guest speakers. They do not only have to see their slides, but also the big countdown clock for time keeping during the talks.  I can tell you from experience, testing a big countdown clock on the train in the morning, it leads to interesting looks … who else would have a fullscreen countdown clock on their screen in the morning?

Stage Riders: Every speaker has a different setup, not to mention the bands that need different microphones, signal cables and other things. A stage rider is needed for every speaker on stage and it needs to be prepared so that we can just pull up the right page and follow the instructions. This helps to lower the workload on the tech team and frees up precious time in case you need to improvise or fix a problem.

You see, our team is a crowd of busy bees currently. I gotta go, need to do some things today. ;-)



FEC14 – Recap

2014-08-30 21.03.59

First things first : Talks are live!

Michael, Stephan and I started setting up the Audio / Video Livestream Setup for the Conference on Wednesday afternoon (which was tricky sometimes – HDMI/DVI Cables anyone?). Afterwards the Conference itself went by in a breeze – without any major problems. Well you’ve seen my ‘Workspace‘ during the conference didn’t you? After the conference I sat down and did some post-production on the talks. Stephan did a great job by adding everything to Youtube and adding all the intro texts.

Now the real deal : The Videos are online. Enjoy!

I picked 3 talks as my very personal favorites from the Design Track:

Dan Rubin – We don’t talk anymore

Vitaly Friedman – Responsive design workflow

Tim Kadlec – Deliberate Performance

RFC 2606

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) also
currently has the following second level domain names 
reserved which can be used as examples.

RFCs sind ja sozusagen mein ganz geheimes Hobby. Heute mit RFC 2606 mal wieder was gelernt.

Weissenstein : Check

Gestern wollten wir eigentlich im berner Oberland fliegen. Am Bahnhof liefen wir jedoch einigen bekannten Gesichtern über den Weg und da war Plan B schnell gefasst: Weissenstein

Eine gute Sache, wenn man am morgen erfahrene Piloten trifft und flexibel ist. :)

Nach dem Start habe ich zunächst ein bisschen planlos nach Thermik gesucht. Als ich schon fast aufgeben wollte und sah wie andere bereits die Landung ansteuerten, fand ich einen Schlauch. Danach gab es 1 Stunde und 18 Minuten feinstes fliegen bis knapp vor Grenchen und zurück mit anschliessender Aussenlandung sowie der Suche nach dem nächstgelegenen Verkehrsmittel. Passt.



TEDxBern : 20 Days to go!

Today is a good day! Last night we had our final full-length meeting with the whole team and discussed open points. You can feel the tension in the air when the team gathers around the location plans debating issues like running orders, material lists, and budget proposals. It’s a truly mesmerizing moment to see our ideas come alive.

Today we announced the full speaker lineup, featuring world famous photographer Hannes Schmid.

Long story short : “Es chunnt guet!”