Was ich euch vorenthielt…

…manchmal arbeite ich auch auf einer Baustelle – als Kameramann ;) Weitere Behind the Scenes Bilder gibts auf Facebook.

Und das Video das wir (Pilot: Michael, Kamera: Boris und meine Wenigkeit) mit dem Schnitzelcopter erflogen haben:

Deploying Sites with Drush – DrupalCon Amsterdam

With a fully packed room I had the opportunity to talk about Drush Deploy to the very interested crowd at DrupalCon Amsterdam. Thank you so much for attending my Session!

In my session i covered how we use Drush Deploy at Amazee Labs and what pieces of the puzzle need to put together. I also talked about limitations and future possibilities it brings to the table.

Please find the Slides here : http://s.nrdy.ch/drush-deploy-ams


If you find some time please rate my session to provide feedback. I’d really appreciate it!

If you have further questions: Feel free to talk to me during the Conference. I’ll be near the Amazee Labs Booth or you can find me at the DevOps Track listening to the other interesting Talks.

RFC 2606

The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) also
currently has the following second level domain names 
reserved which can be used as examples.

RFCs sind ja sozusagen mein ganz geheimes Hobby. Heute mit RFC 2606 mal wieder was gelernt.

TEDxBern : 20 Days to go!

Today is a good day! Last night we had our final full-length meeting with the whole team and discussed open points. You can feel the tension in the air when the team gathers around the location plans debating issues like running orders, material lists, and budget proposals. It’s a truly mesmerizing moment to see our ideas come alive.

Today we announced the full speaker lineup, featuring world famous photographer Hannes Schmid.

Long story short : “Es chunnt guet!”