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Abt. Don’t mess with the Swiss

[…] these guys are so over-the-top hardcore badass as hell that nobody would dare screw with them.  They’re a tough-as-shit, patriotic population with one simple rule of war – if you come into Swiss territory, we will show you No Quarter, take no prisoners, and kill every last motherhumping invader who would dare set foot on our soil.  Every single man in Switzerland has been given hardcore professional militia training, been handed a government-issued SiG-550 assault rifle, taught how to use it in live-fire exercises, and keeps it in his home just in case anyone ever decides to step to his country’s Badass Neutrality clause.  The idea is simple – don’t step to us, and we won’t bash your head in with a magazine full of 5.56mm NATO ammunition.

Und da Frage ich mich noch wieso ich im Ausland immer als gemeingefährlich eingestuft werde wenn ich sage, das ich aus der Schweiz stamme.

Quelle : Badass of the Week (ᔥAdrian Kuhn)

3 responses to “Abt. Don’t mess with the Swiss”

  1. “hardcore professional militia training”
    Davon können wir ein Liedchen singen gell 😉