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Speaking DevOps’ish Topics? Talk to me!


When the year started to be really awesome with attending the DrupalDevDays in Szeged and lots of good work for TEDxBern. Next week will be DrupalCon Austin which I am really looking forward to.

Currently, sitting in the 22nd story at Time Square in New York and working on the DevOps track for DrupalCon Amsterdam is just an addition to the good things that happen this year!

So what is my role with DrupalCon Amsterdam?

I chair the DevOps Track together with my fellow co-chair, Kris Buytaert. This means we care about the sessions which will be submitted to the Track and we also try to get a diversity of good talks into our Track.

The call is on you now!

Are you passionate about sharing your experiences with the DevOps Culture? Did you achieve perfect testing results by automating everything so your biggest question you think about is if you should use rather vim or emacs?

Then you should consider talking about your experiences at DrupalCon Amsterdam!

To give you a hint which topics we like to see in our Track:


How did you establish DevOps within your organization? We like to hear about your success stories but also learnings you had on your way to establish a new culture.

Log Handling

How do you deal with your Logfiles? Are you visualizing them? Did you come up with a good way of putting this information to work for you and not being a burden to you?


How are your Tests doing today? How do you implement testing during project stages? And how did you start in testing your code?

Continuous Delivery

Do you deliver features continuously and you do not fail in any circumstance? Talk about this!

New Technology

Are you using new Technology which is on the rise and you use it to make the impossible look like it’s easy? Give yourself a go and submit 😉

Convinced? Submit here!

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