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FEC14 – Recap

2014-08-30 21.03.59

First things first : Talks are live!

Michael, Stephan and I started setting up the Audio / Video Livestream Setup for the Conference on Wednesday afternoon (which was tricky sometimes – HDMI/DVI Cables anyone?). Afterwards the Conference itself went by in a breeze – without any major problems. Well you’ve seen my ‘Workspace‘ during the conference didn’t you? After the conference I sat down and did some post-production on the talks. Stephan did a great job by adding everything to Youtube and adding all the intro texts.

Now the real deal : The Videos are online. Enjoy!

I picked 3 talks as my very personal favorites from the Design Track:

Dan Rubin – We don’t talk anymore

Vitaly Friedman – Responsive design workflow

Tim Kadlec – Deliberate Performance

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