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Angelesen #9

Lesenswertes der vergangenen Woche. Wer dieses Wochenende nicht an der Fasnacht ist hat ja ein bisschen Zeit dafür.
Viel Spass!

Travelettes » 25 cool things to do in Reykjavik

Reykjavík! Auf meiner Liste bereits durchgestrichen: 2,5,6,7,9,10,13,17,18,20,21,22,23,24

Major Changes from Solr 4 to Solr 5 – Apache Solr Reference Guide

Yay Solr5 ist draussen und es gibt einige gröbere Changes.


  • Standalone Server
  • Linux Start und Stop Scripts
  • Verbessertes Logging (Slow Queries)
  • Solr Core Discovery, es müssen nicht mehr alle Cores explizit in der solr.xml geführt werden.

Defensive architecture: keeping poverty unseen and deflecting our guilt

“When you’re designed against, you know it,” says Ocean Howell, who teaches architectural history at the University of Oregon, speaking about anti-skateboarding designs. “Other people might not see it, but you will. The message is clear: you are not a member of the public, at least not of the public that is welcome here.” The same is true of all defensive architecture. The psychological effect is devastating.

Wäääk : “Hostile Architecture” ist etwas fernab von meinem Verständnis für Architektur.

The Great Bank Robbery: the Carbanak APT – Securelist

Once the attackers are inside the victim´s network, they perform a manual reconnaissance, trying to compromise relevant computers (such as those of administrators’) and use lateral movement tools. In short, having gained access, they will jump through the network until they find their point of interest. What this point of interest is, varies according to the attack. What they all have in common, however, is that from this point it is possible to extract money from the infected entity.

Bankraub 2.0 – Beängstigend und Spannend zur geleichen Zeit.

mnot’s blog: HTTP/2 is Done

The IESG has formally approved the HTTP/2 and HPACK specifications, and they’re on their way to the RFC Editor, where they’ll soon be assigned RFC numbers, go through some editorial processes, and be published.

HTTP/2 wird cheiben spannend!

Duplicate SSH Keys Everywhere

It turns out that a few SSH keys are used a lot more than once. For example, the following SSH fingerprint can be found on more than 250,000 devices!

Autsch… Doof ist wenn SSH keys plötzlich ein bisschen überallhin verteilt werden, wenn sie eigentlich eindeutig sein sollten.

33 thoughts on reading

33 Gedanken vom/ zu und über das Lesen. Lesebefehl!

LS1 two years on

Cern, enough said 🙂

End of the m0n0wall project

Dear m0n0wall enthusiasts,

on this day 12 years ago, I have released the first version of m0n0wall to the public. In theory, one could still run that version – pb1 it was called – on a suitably old PC and use it to control the Internet access of a small LAN (not that it would be recommended security-wise). However, the world keeps turning, and while m0n0wall has made an effort to keep up, there are now better solutions available and under active development.

Therefore, today I announce that the m0n0wall project has officially ended. No development will be done anymore, and there will be no further releases.

Sad to see it go. Thank you Manuel for keeping it up and inventing such a good platform for other Open Source projects to come! I set up my first M0n0wall somewhen early 2007 on some end of life hardware, afterward there were Wrap and Alix boards. I always loved the ease and feel of those Projects may it be either m0n0 or PFSense.

Bern: Von der Hollywood-Küche zum Suppen-Mobil

Jetzt bekommen die Imbisswagen allerdings vegetarische Konkurrenz: Seit Anfang dieser Woche lockt ein neuer Berner Food-Truck mit einer «Supersoup» – ein toskanischer Gemüseeintopf namens Ribollita, der in einer Brotschale gegessen wird.

Suppe im Brot, gekocht vom ehemaligen Küchenchef des Du Nord. S louft öppis z Bärn!

Elon Musk says Tesla will unveil a new kind of battery to power your home

What would a Tesla home battery look like? The Toyota Mirai, which uses a hydrogen fuel cell, gives owners the option to remove the battery and use it to supply electrical power to their homes. That battery can reportedly power the average home for a week when fully charged.

Interessant, war das Auto schlussendlich nur die Versuchsplattform für neue Batterietypen?

RapidShare Shuts Down After Failed Rebrand As A Personal Cloud Storage Service

RapidShare, one of the first file hosting services on the Internet, is shutting down next month. After March 31, all of its user accounts and data will be deleted.

Das Internet räumt sich einmal mehr selbst auf.

This 18-year-old hopped trains for 5 years and caught it all on camera

Da hüpft einer 5 Jahre auf Güterzügen umher und schiesst sehr schöne Bilder!

Hay! – brand eins online

Rolf Hay bildet eine Ausnahme, weil er unbeschwert an die Sache heranging. Der 46-Jährige hat nie eine Design- oder Architekturschule besucht und ist erst spät mit Möbelgestaltung in Kontakt gekommen. „Bei uns zu Hause gab es keine Design-Ikonen“, sagt Hay, in ein Sofa des Showrooms gefläzt.

Das Ehepaar Hay macht stilsicheres Design. Produziert mit standardisierten Methoden à la Ikea. Designmässig in der Region von USM.