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Angelesen #15

Letztes Wochenende hats irgendwie nicht geklappt mit “Fassen wir doch noch zusammen was du letze Woche gelesen hast”. Weil, Zeitzonen und Flüge, Layover und Spassige Dinge.

Dafür jetzt aber dieses Wochenende wieder. Enjoy!

The 500-mile email

“We’re having a problem sending email out of the department.”
“What’s the problem?” I asked.
“We can’t send mail more than 500 miles,” the chairman explained.
I choked on my latte. “Come again?”
“We can’t send mail farther than 500 miles from here,” he repeated.
“A little bit more, actually. Call it 520 miles. But no farther.”

Eine dieser epischen Informatik Gutenachtgeschichten.

Amazon EFS

Amazon EFS supports the Network File System version 4 (NFSv4) protocol, so the applications and tools that you use today work seamlessly with Amazon EFS. Multiple Amazon EC2 instances can access an Amazon EFS file system at the same time, providing a common data source for workloads and applications running on more than one instance.

Amazon AWS hat nun auch einen dynamischen Filestorage der via NFS angebunden werden kann.


This is a collection of known design patterns and some sample code how to implement them in PHP. Every pattern has a small list of examples (most of them from Zend Framework, Symfony2 or Doctrine2 as I’m most familiar with this software).

Letze Woche habe ich im Rahmen von DrupalCI mal wieder ein bisschen PHP in einen Editor getippt welcher schlussendlich auch vom Compiler ohne murren akzeptiert wurde. Unterdessen haben wir uns auch über Design Patterns unterhalten und da habe ich diese Zusammenstellung gefunden, werde mich wohl mal genauer damit auseinandersetzen.

The Quest to Push a Human-Powered Bike to 90 MPH

“What if we just rig up the wheel with spokes and give it one more go?” Eventually Reichert submits to reality. “There are a lot of problems with these solutions. If everything goes perfectly we might inch out the record, but I might crash and die.” Gravely, he looks around the table: “It’s not worth it.”

Generell interessantes Projekt aber auch die Diskussion ob man es einfach nochmal versucht und danach genug sein lässt.

Enough With the Salts: Updates on Secure Password Schemes

When it comes to password storage, you’re much better off using a well tested and reviewed system than writing your own. You’ll want that to be something purpose built, rather than relying on fast cryptographic hashes which are especially susceptible to fast guessing and hardware optimization. This means you’ll want to use scrypt, bcrypt, or PBKDF2 (in my order of preference) with an appropriate work factor. If you’re stuck deciding between scrypt and bcrypt, you can pretty much flip a coin and end up with something reasonable.

Guter Longread über Password Hashing und sichere Passwort Schemata

California Imposes First-Ever Water Restrictions to Deal With Drought

While the specifics of how this will be accomplished are being left to the water agencies, it is certain that Californians across the state will have to cut back on watering gardens and lawns — which soak up a vast amount of the water this state uses every day — as well as washing cars and even taking showers.

Für uns irgendwie Undenkbar, die Schritte scheinen aber nötig.

Tesla is a Battery Company

Tesla Motors started as a Car company, but they should now be considered to be a Battery company for three key reasons:

Tesla Leadership has Expertise in Batteries and Energy Systems
Batteries Are the Most Important Component of an Electric Vehicle (EV)
Tesla can enter other Markets with the Battery Tech they Developed While Building EVs

Diesen Standpunkt vertrete ich schon länger. Along the way ist das Auto ein gutes Objekt um Energietechnologie zu erforschen.

Git Flow Like a Pro with these 13 Git Aliases

Guter Git Beitrag, hat mir einige Ideen gebracht für meinen eigenen Workflow.

After Snowden, The NSA Faces Recruitment Challenge

“Before the Snowden leaks we looked at the NSA as being a spy agency, and they did what they were supposed to do,” he says. “But we’ve learned that they’re been collecting this incredible amount of information. And they’re not shy about doing whatever they have to do to get access to that information.”

New ARM-powered chip aims for battery life measured in decades

Atmel, the San Jose-based microcontroller maker, today released samples of a new type of ultra-low power, ARM based microcontroller that could radically extend the battery life of small low-power intelligent devices. The new SAM L21 32-bit ARM family of microcontroller (MCUs) consume less than 35 microamps of power per megahertz of processing speed while active, and less than 200 nanoamps of power overall when in deep sleep mode—with varying states in between.

The chip is so low power that it can be powered off energy capture from the body, as Andreas Eieland, Atmel’s Director of Product Marketing for low-power products, demonstrated at CES earlier this year.

Kleines Gedankenexperiment. Solch ein Chip in einer ‘Smart’ Watch eingebaut um Aktivitätsdaten zu loggen, Dann einen Chip mit mehr Stromhunger um ein nettes UI und Zusatzfunktionen anzubieten. Somit hätte man auch noch Daten (vielleicht sogar eine Quarz-Uhr) welche noch funktioniert wenn der ‘Smarte’ Teil keinen Strom mehr hat. Yay!

China’s Man-on-the-Side Attack on GitHub

However, not all users loading javascripts from inside China are attacked in this way. Our analysis shows that only about 1% of the requests for the Baidu Analytics script are receiving the malicious javascript as response. So in 99% of the cases everything behaves just like normal.

China vs. Github Part 1 – Wenn man daran denkt das 1% des Traffics welcher Baidu abhandelt als DDOS missbraucht werden kann und was Github für Auswirkungen hatte möchte ich nicht wissen wie 5% oder gar 10% schaden Anrichten würden. Und ich denke China kann das ganz einfach einschalten in der Grossen Firewall.

Baidu’s traffic hijacked to DDoS

A certain device at the border of China’s inner network and the Internet has hijacked the HTTP connections went into China, replaced some javascript files from Baidu with malicious ones that would load

China vs. Github Part 2 – Spannend aber WTF!

Stop using tail -f (mostly)

Scroll forward, and keep trying to read when the end of file is reached. Normally this command would be used when already at the end of the file. It is a way to monitor the tail of a file which is growing while it is being viewed. (The behavior is similar to the “tail -f” command.)

Plus man kann suchen. Yay

Skate Law | Skate Friendly PDX

Portland is one of the few cities that recognizes skateboarders as cyclists (in the eyes of the law) and has given them equal rights. We are allowed to skateboard on nearly every street and sidewalk in the city, but there are a few specific laws pertaining to skateboarding that we must acknowledge and follow.

Das bitte gerne einmal für die Schweiz! Merci! Okay die Skater dürfen ja auch auf 30er Strassen und Fahrradwegen fahren.

‘Bad Design’ is Sometimes the Best Design

An interface frames its content and dictates what’s appropriate. Over-polished UI adds a degree of self-consciousness to sharing. Blurry photos of people riding mechanical bulls don’t belong in art museums

Interessante Ansicht!

PHP 7 Infographic – 5 things you need to know #php #zend

Sidenote : PHP 7 wird noch dieses Jahr veröffentlicht! (Und ich habe es schon hand-kompiliert grins)

5 Things US Startups Need to Know To Succeed in the EU

Älter jedoch Lesenswert!

In kürze :

  • Europa ist nicht ein Markt es ist 28 Märkte
  • London ist aufgrund der geografischen Lage nicht wirklich Europa
  • In Europa passt sich das Produkt dem Kunden an. Fertig.
  • Zahl steuern, wirklich. In Europa macht man das so.
  • 28 Nationen bringen auch 28 verschiedene Gesetzeslagen mit sich

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