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NOOBS v1.4 – Disk Resize Error

Since NOOBS is a perfect way to install the software for your Rasbberry Pi i want to go this way (which lifts the burden of using the disk destroyer – dd). While installing some new Raspberry Pi’s i ran in to the following error:

 Error resizing existing Partition. Available space =0MB


I came across this issue quite some times now but now I was finally able to find a solution on Github:

Yeah, sounds like altering the “sharing permissions” is just another way of tweaking the internal-FAT-structures just enough to make the problem go away. I believe for the volume-label tweak to work, you probably need to add/rename the volume label after writing NOOBS files to your SD card.

Yes right! After just renaming the volume it works like a charm and the error message during the boot went away.

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