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Angelesen #23


Es ist mal wieder Zeit einen Angelesen-Artikel zu veröffentlichen. Einige Beiträge sind jedoch schon älter, jedoch immer noch lesenswert.

Digital Sundial (

Wenn ich mal einen 3D Drucker habe, dann mache ich sowas 🙂 Eine wunderbare Idee, eine Sonnenuhr die die Zeit in Zahlen anzeigt.

Domain validated SSL will soon be free from the large CAs (

You might have guessed it would happen, but we’ll tell you now: Domain validated SSL is soon going to be free from the large CAs. Domain validated (DV) certificates are produced for next to nothing – they don’t require any identity checks – and their price has been heading downwards for years. StartCom have given out free DV SSL for years – officially only for non-profits, but in practice for anyone who asked. More recently Mozilla started Let’s Encrypt, which provides domain validated SSL for free.

Alle CAs müssen irgendwann nachziehen wenn Let’s Encrypt für alle verfügbar wird.

JohnCoates/Aerial (

Ganz netter Bildschirmschoner den ich da bei Mikl gesehen habe.

Kirby 2.2 – the major minor release (

Kirby 2.2 ist draussen!

Performance Considerations for Elasticsearch 2.0 Indexing (

Guter Artikel zur Elasticsearch 2.0 Indexing Performance.

I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious (

Worth a read!

Find out how much you procrastinate – and how to win back time (

What makes an efficient entrepreneur? From breakfast to bedtime, simple changes to your daily routine could boost your energy levels. Sleeping habits, emails and meeting culture affect how productive people are at work. Take (and share) this quiz to learn how to be more dynamic: you’ll soon be a stranger to the snooze button

Acht Fragen beantworten und einige lehrreiche Schlüsse über sich selbst ziehen.

Even the LastPass Will be Stolen Deal with It! (

  • Use the binary version of the plugin
  • Do not store the master password
  • Activate the new Account Recovery over SMS
  • Audit your vault for malicious JS payloads
  • Don’t use “password reminder”
  • Activate 2FA
  • Add country restrictions
  • Disallow TOR logins

Nichts ist sicher…

Introduction to StashPHP (

Introduction to StashPHP – an awesome cache library for PHP (+ Symfony2 bundle!)

Muss ich mir mal genauer anschauen.

Apple tells U.S. judge ‘impossible’ to unlock new iPhones (

Apple Inc told a U.S. judge that accessing data stored on a locked iPhone would be “impossible” with devices using its latest operating system, but the company has the “technical ability” to help law enforcement unlock older phones.

Solange es nur die alten Telefone sind. Fraglich bleibt, ob es wirklich keinen goldenen Schlüssel für die neuen Telefone gibt.

1Password Leaks Your Data (

Nebst Lastpass (weiter oben) leakt auch 1Password irgendwo Daten.

The Deployment Age (

There was a time when people would pitch me ‘internet companies.’ But unless you’re actually selling internet service, you’re no more an internet company than a company using electricity is an electric company. Over the next ten years there won’t be online stores, there will just be stores; there won’t be mobile-enabled taxi dispatchers, there will just be taxis. The expectation of sensible use of ICT will be total.

At the same time, because companies will need to grow by expanding markets, not creating new ones, there will be an economic mandate to make the technology cheaper and easier to use so it can be used in more places. These things together mean that ICT will be everywhere, but so integrated into products that it will be invisible.

Wir stehen erst am Anfang der ICT Integration.

Adobe Flash Player Security Vulnerability: How to protect yourself (

Just one day after Adobe released its monthly security patches for various software including Flash Player, the company confirmed a major security vulnerability that affects all versions of Flash for Windows, Mac and Linux computers. You read that correctly… all versions. Adobe said it has been made aware that this vulnerability is being used by hackers to attack users, though it says the attacks are limited and targeted. Using the exploit, an attacker can crash a target PC or even take complete control of the computer.

Adobe Flash ist wohl wirklich langsam tod.

Hackers Prove They Can ‘Pwn’ the Lives of Those Not Hyperconnected (

After they were through “pwning” Mrs. Walsh, the two hackers sat down with their victim for a debriefing. Critical points were that Mrs. Walsh needed a new garage door opener, a password for her television and a password manager to help her set unique and far more complicated passwords for each of her accounts.

The hackers advised her to turn on two-step authentication, a service that sends a second, one-time password to users’ phones when they try to log in from an unrecognized machine. They also gave her a quick lesson in phishing attacks and a lecture on the importance of installing software updates.

Nochmal zum mitschreiben:

  • Komplexe Passwörter verwenden
  • Two-Step Authentication einschalten
  • Passwortmanager benutzen (Wobei ja, wie sicher sind die Dinger?)

Why Companies Have Stopped Outsourcing IT (

Why has the tide turned against IT outsourcing? The idea only made sense when companies viewed technology as a cost of doing business. The rise of digitization, big data analytics and cognitive technologies has made IT strategic again. And it is often difficult to get innovative, differentiated outcomes when you turn IT over to someone else.

Ausgesourcte IT bringt keine Innovation.

Sensationeller Mangel! (

Es herrschte ein sensationeller Mangel an Inhalt. Das einzige Thema, am Anfang des Sommers, war das sogenannte Asylchaos. Dann plötzlich kamen die Flüchtlinge wirklich, tote Kinder wurden im Mittelmeer angespült, Ungarn baute einen Zaun, Deutschland öffnete die Grenzen. Und das Thema verschwand für die Schweizer Politik.

Ersetzt wurde es durch – nichts.

Es scheint, als könnte man mit nichts relativ viel erreichen. Leider.

Amazon Building a Tech Business for the Long Haul (

A.W.S. and a few other cloud giants, like Google, Microsoft and Facebook, are in such a rush to move ahead that they typically order and install in their computing centers tens of thousands of the latest processors up to six months before they are formally released.

Lesenwerter Artikel. Die Grösse dieser Cloudanbieter kann man sich wohl fast nicht Vorstellen.

Apple Leather and Water (

Apple has an interesting recent history of under-promising and over-delivering when it comes to hardware durability. We’ve seen the water resistance of the watch repeatedly get pushed far beyond Apple’s claims without issue, while the new iPhone 6s seems to be able to take a serious soaking. My belief is that we’re seeing Apple responding to the tremendous scale of the enterprise; when you sell a million of something every day, people are going to do stupid things with them.

Das war einer meiner Gedanken als ich das “Ich versenke mein IPhone mal zum Test” Videos gesehen habe. Bei der Masse an Geräten, die Apple ausliefert, lohnt sich der zusätzliche Aufwand die Geräte gegen Wasser zu schützen zum Beispiel.

Samsung TVs appear less energy efficient in real life than in tests (

Independent lab tests have found that some Samsung TVs in Europe appear to use less energy during official testing conditions than they do during real-world use, raising questions about whether they are set up to game energy efficiency tests.

Defeat Devices! Und wir haben jetzt auch ein neues Verb: “Volkswagening”

Amazon to Ban Sale of Apple, Google Video-Streaming Devices ( Inc. will stop selling media-streaming devices from Google Inc. and Apple Inc. that aren’t easily compatible with its video service, the latest example of the company using its clout to promote products that fit with its own retailing strategy.

Spannend, wenn Amazon einfach mal Apple und Google aus dem Sortiment streicht um den eigenen Absatz zu stärken.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service (

Yay! Elasticsearch ist nun auch bei AWS verfügbar.

The Power of Power Cycling (

Luckily for you power cycling will work 99% of the time.

Meine Worte: Einfach mal den Computer neu starten 😉

ssh (

Security: Ich habe unterdessen bei meiner SSH-Konfiguration den Forward Agent nicht mehr standardmässig für alle Hosts aktiviert.

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