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ZFS comes to Debian, thanks to licensing workaround • The Register (

Ubuntu 16.04 added ZFS, despite pre-release grumblings from Richard Stallman to the effect that anything licensed under the GNU GPL v2 can only be accompanied by code also released under the GNU GPL v2. ZFS is issued under a Common Development and Distribution License, version 1 (CDDLv1).

Nach Ubuntu kommt nun auch Debian mit ZFS. Jedenfalls der Source ist da, man muss das Teil nur noch kompilieren.

Autonomous Mini Rally Car Teaches Itself to Powerslide (

The real magic here is the algorithm that manages AutoRally’s steering and throttle. Rather than hierarchically splitting control and planning into two separate problems, Georgia Tech’s algorithm combines them by integrating vehicle dynamics in real-time. Generally, this is a very computationally intensive approach, but AutoRally can calculate an optimized trajectory from the weighted average of 2,560 different trajectory possibilities, all simulated in parallel on to the monster onboard GPU. Each of these trajectories represents the oncoming 2.5 seconds of vehicle motion, and AutoRally recomputes this entire optimization process 60 times every second.


6 Reasons Your cron Job is Not Running (

cron can be a real S.O.B. to setup if you’ve never scheduled a job before. The utility is downright nitpicky at times. Not to fear. If your cron job is not running, here are the top 6 most common hang ups you might be snagging on.

Nächstes mal einfach diese 6 Fail-Cases durchtesten.

Why I Haven’t Fixed Your Issue Yet (

As with all things in life, a trade-off is involved. There is an implicit agreement which needs to be understood by both consumers and creators of FOSS projects1. It goes something like this:

  • I agree to provide you with some free code which solves your problem.
    I recognize that in doing so, I have taken on a small portion of responsibility to you as a > user of my code.
  • I agree to try to help you if you have difficulty in using my code.
  • I agree to try to fix bugs that you find in my code.
    Crucially, you agree that I, in acting without remuneration, am free to assign priority to the above points as I see fit.

Open Source Software muss man schätzen, weil hinter fast jedem Projekt/Library/younameit hunderte Stunden Freizeit stecken.

What 671 million push notifications say about how people spend their day at andrewchen (

Push notifications are a cornerstone of every mobile app’s engagement and retention strategy, yet we know so little about them. Previously I’ve written about why 60% of users opt-out of push notifications and why some pushes are getting 40% CTRs.

Interessante Analyse, wann Push-Notifications die beste Click-Trough-Rate (CTR) haben.

So you wanna go on-prem do ya (

If you run a successful SaaS platform, at some point someone is going to come to you with the question: can I run it myself? If you’re considering offering a private version of your SaaS, this post might be for you.


How to Scale an Organization? The same way you scale a system! (

With everything around us scaling to never-before-seen throughput, the limiting element in all this is bound to be us, the human users. And the organizations we work in. One may wonder, then, why scaling and optimizing throughput in organizations is considered a very different field usually completely ignored by the IT architects who know so much about scalability.

Longread über das Skalieren von Organisationen

The Value of A Professional Photographer, or, “Can I Have All the Unedited Photos?” (

These photos you never see are the outtakes, the blurry shots, the duplicates (my god, so many duplicates). For any given photo you do see, there may be dozens or hundreds that are slight variations on it that are all a little bit less good. Eyes closed, hair in face, maybe a dog ran in front of the camera (that actually has happened a lot). I’ve spent my time combing through all of them, doing side-by-side comparisons until I landed on the best ones.

Wenn man einen Fotografen hat, zahlt man seinen Stil und das Endprodukt sind bearbeitete Bilder. Alle Bilder zu liefern wäre Fatal.

danneu/onetab-to-pinboard: upload OneTab url dumps to Pinboard (

Ich bin ein grosser Fan der Chrome Extension OneTab jedoch stauen sich da meist viele Tabs an die ich irgendwie irgendwann vieleicht umständehalber mit einem “Ich hatte doch vor X Tagen einmal einen Artikel zum Thema Y offen gehabt” wieder hervorkramen müsste. Da ich meine ganzen Links bei ablege fand ich das coole Clojure (!!!) script das den OneTab Export zu Pinboard schickt. Mission Accomplished!

Mining in Space Could Lead to Conflicts on Earth (

Space mining is no longer science fiction. By the 2020s, Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries—for-profit space-mining companies cooperating with NASA—will be sending out swarms of tiny satellites to assess the composition of hurtling hunks of cosmic debris, identify the most lucrative ones, and harvest them.

Sci-Fi wird jeden Tag ein bisschen realer.

jbranchaud/til: Today I Learned (

📝 Today I Learned

Wenn man mal eine Stunde Zeit findet, einfach durch die TILs durchblättern. Spannend!