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South Africa Diaries

I spent most of April in Cape Town. Heading back to Switzerland was a bit tough as it involved a 35°C temperature difference. Anyways, I had a fabulous time down in the mother city. First there was Amazee10 the 10 years of Amazee celebration. Which was a great way to meet the whole company in one spot! Also the whole Team met there which rare for a full remote team 🙂

Over the Easter weekend I hit the road and was traveling through the beautiful sceneries of South Africa.

But enough words. Let these images speak for themselves:africadiaries-1DCIM100MEDIADJI_0144.JPGafricadiaries-3DCIM100MEDIADJI_0157.JPGafricadiaries-5


70 km until my destination and 82 km of fuel left – living on the edge 😉


Stopping at a construction site in the middle of nowhere. The stop lasted long enough to let the people in the cars in front disembark and go to the toilet. Welcome to South Africa 😉


Top of Sederbergpas looking back into the Cederberg Wilderness Area


The car changed colours from white to a very nice dusty redafricadiaries-10

Even on gravel roads you’ll be passed by an ambulance


After a very long drive on gravel roads. Finally the sign that the normal road will start again.africadiaries-14

Also one of those South African moments when the bonnet of the car in front of you flies off (and of course towards you). A quick rear mirror check and an abrupt break later the two guys in the front car jump out. One reinstalls the bonnet and the other walks up to me, reaches out with his hand and excuses himself for what happened.


There is no goodbye. It’s a see you soon mother city!


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