Angelesen #39

Mal wieder ein paar Links. Irgendwie sollt ich das hinkriegen das wieder wöchentlich zu veröffentlichen 🙂

Guaranteed Minimum What? (

We’re now seeing the next wave of creative destruction transforming society. We don’t yet know how it will end. At the moment it looks like people with the skills to create and manage complex systems or build and maintain computer guided equipment will do pretty well. So what about everyone else?

600 Watt, 3d-printed, Halbach Array, brushless DC electric Motor (

Ein self-made 600 Watt Brushless Motor!

Kurz frottiert: SVP gegen Reitschul-Schliessung (

Die Reitschule sei eine «öffentliche Institution», schreibt Beuchat. «Darf diese einfach nach Belieben schliessen?»

Nicht alles das öffentliche Gelder erhält ist de-facto eine öffentliche Institution. Abgesehen davon ganz Lustig wenn die SVP was gegen die schliessung der Reitschule hat 😉

CPU Utilization is Wrong (

Nowadays, CPUs have become much faster than main memory, and waiting on memory dominates what is still called “CPU utilization”. When you see high %CPU in top(1), you might think of the processor as being the bottleneck – the CPU package under the heat sink and fan – when it’s really those banks of DRAM.

MicroBadger (

Have you ever found an image on Docker Hub and wondered what code it was built from? Or tried to locate the Docker image for a source code repo?

MicroBadger makes it easy to see the contents of a container image, including the layers, the base image it depends on, and its labels & other metadata.

As is dead microbadger can help out

Schweiget! und schreibet! (


Früher ging es auch ohne. Da haben wir noch getippt! Sogar bevor es die Smartphones gab! Selbst da haben wir uns SMS geschickt. Wir haben die Zifferntasten als Buchstabenauswahl genutzt, mussten teilweise 3x auf die Taste drücken, bis endlich der gewünschte Buchstabe erschien und es gab gar keine Wortvorschläge. Wir haben jeden fucking einzelnen Buchstaben ausgewählt! Jedes Wort einzeln und bis ganz zu Ende getippt. So war das damals! Disziplin hatten wir! Durchhaltevermögen! Ehrgeiz! Echter Kommunikationswille!

Gelateria in Zürich eröffnet: Grazie, Berna (

In der Bundesstadt hat sich die «Gelateria di Berna» innert sieben Jahren einen legendären Ruf erarbeitet. Nun wagt sie erstmals den Schritt aus Bern hinaus – und hat am Freitag ihren kleinen Zürcher Ableger eröffnet.

Bäm Hauptstadt-Export sozusagen <3

Democracy Hacked (

The most prolific account tweeted 1668 times in the roughly 24 hours of data ― that’s faster than a single (re)tweet per minute, all day with no sleep.

Die Ökonomie der Desinformation.

Something is wrong when the ‘telephone app’ on your phone becomes 3rd party (

But when I realised that the dialler now labelled itself as ‘truecaller’ – something I had never heard of, shoot, I didn’t even know the dialler is an app – it gave rise to a bad suspicion: Is some of my phone’s core functionality now provided by a 3rd party app? Indeed. Does it respect my privacy? No. Can I uninstall it again? No. Was I ever asked to comply with their terms and conditions? Of course not.

Interessanter Beitrag.

“Of course it leaks” (

I was once working with a
customer who was producing on-board software for a missile. In my analysis
of the code, I pointed out that they had a number of problems with storage
leaks. Imagine my surprise when the customers chief software engineer said
“Of course it leaks”. He went on to point out that they had calculated the
amount of memory the application would leak in the total possible flight time
for the missile and then doubled that number. They added this much
additional memory to the hardware to “support” the leaks. Since the missile
will explode when it hits it’s target or at the end of it’s flight, the
ultimate in garbage collection is performed without programmer intervention.

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