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It’s 2018 and I still read blogs (yes via RSS) and listen to podcasts (also in high speed mode sometimes).

As I’m pretty picky when it comes to podcasts, I decided to sum up a short list of what I regularly listen to. First, the content should be interesting and I like good audio quality. I can not for the love of my life listen to stuff that sounds like it was recorded over a landline. Last but not least I don’t like ads 😉

Bonus points for show notes and Topicmarks which are incredibly helpful when listening to 4 hour podcasts.

Without further ado, let’s dive in.

FLOSS Weekly

Stumbled over FLOSS Weekly a while back and I like the content around Free Libre Open Source Software. Get started with the evolution of community.

99% Invisible

Wonderful Design Podcast around the invisible things of Design – Start with Guerilla Public Service Delux

ATP – Accidential Tech Podcast

The English version of Freakshow – I like to listen in to the thoughts and ramblings of Marco, Casey, and John.

Legacy code rocks

Legacy code is everywhere – This podcast deals with different topics around it and I suggest to start with the episode about Technical Wealth

How i built this

Guy Raz (also host of TED Radio Hour) dives into how people built companies or products. Best start with Yvon Chouinard talking about how he started Patagonia.

NPR – TED Radio Hour

Watching TED Talks is nice but having a few excerpts of Talks mixed with discussions with the speakers itself is a very nice mix.

Tim Ferris Show

I read a few books of Tim and also like his blog. Sometimes more serious topics, sometimes rapid Q/A’s with his Interview Partners.

CRE – Chaos Radio Extreme (German)

One of my favourites if you like to brush up your knowledge various topics ranging from IPv6 over Coffee to Chillies. Podcast can be up to 4 hours long but are worth every minute.

Freakshow (German)

The co-hosts around Tim discuss all new and fancy topics out of the tech scene. They run a show every other week and land usually on the 4 hour mark 🙂 If that’s too much for you this podcast has fantastic show notes and great chapter marks so if you just want to listen in to a few parts it makes it very very easy.