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Angelesen #53

And here we are again. The past few months were pretty intense but interesting – A few conferences, side projects and yes a TEDxBern went smoothly by. Oh yes and I spent quite some times in the mountains thats why it was quite silent here (if you’re with me since a while you know this happens every once in a while.)

On Cash (

Rout­ing ev­ery­thing through my cred­it card is feed­ing the glob­al pay­ments cartel, who ex­tract a tar­iff mea­sured in freak­ing dol­lars for al­most ev­ery rou­tine trans­ac­tion. I’ve seen so many great busi­ness plans go beg­ging be­cause they could have done some­thing won­der­ful in the world if you could on­ly do mi­cro­pay­ments, which you can’t, did I men­tion that car­tel that ba­si­cal­ly has it locked up and tied down?

Goodread on cash 🙂

4G Mobiltelefon – MP02 (

Wenn es Zeit ist, online zu gehen, kann die 4G LTE-Verbindung des MP 02 mit einem Tablet/Laptop geteilt werden – das bedeutet eine leichtere Eingabe als beim Smartphone und einen größeren Bildschirm. Dieser Zwei-Geräte-Ansatz bedeutet, dass das Internet etwas ist, in das Sie eintauchen, und nicht umgekehrt.

Finally! A Dumbphone with 4G wifi capability.

IRL Glasses Block All the Screens Around You (

Originally, they prototyped the glasses using the Casper film stuck onto regular lenses. But they later realized that any polarized lens rotated 90 degrees and flattened could produce the same screen-blocking effect. Right now, their lenses can block light emitted from LCD and LED screens, but not OLED screens. That means they tune out most televisions and some computers, but not the newer crop of smartphones like the OLED-packing iPhones.

Love the idea!

Balancing Engineering and Support (

The schedule we currently operate on is two weeks of support and two weeks of engineering. It’s not a completely pure system, of course, you might get pulled into support when you are on an engineering sprint but there is an expectation that you can and should have time to build, to innovate, and to unplug if necessary to do it.

A few insights from Tyler how we handle engineering and support at

12 Factor CLI Apps (

At Heroku, we’ve come up with a methodology called the 12 factor app. It’s a set of principles designed to make great web applications that are easy to maintain. In that spirit, here are 12 CLI factors to keep in mind when building your next CLI application. Following these principles will offer CLI UX that users will love.

We’ve also built a CLI framework called oclif that is designed to follow these principles to build great CLIs in Node.

Interesting approaches for people building CLI apps.

Delaying Further Symantec TLS Certificate Distrust (

Unfortunately, because so many sites have not yet taken action, moving this change from Firefox 63 Nightly into Beta would impact a significant number of our users. It is unfortunate that so many website operators have waited to update their certificates, especially given that DigiCert is providing replacements for free.

We prioritize the safety of our users and recognize the additional risk caused by a delay in the implementation of the distrust plan. However, given the current situation, we believe that delaying the release of this change until later this year when more sites have replaced their Symantec TLS certificates is in the overall best interest of our users. This change will remain enabled in Nightly, and we plan to enable it in Firefox 64 Beta when it ships in mid-October.

Change takes time… an awful lot of it

Schweizer Steuer-App speicherte alle Daten öffentlich in der Cloud (

Zwar schon älter aber der Facepalm hallt nach. 🤦

How Will Climate Change Affect Politics? (

Day Zero is still hypothetical, but Cape Town’s reality will soon impact many global cities, where water will become a constant concern, and democracy will become contingent upon the taps.

A good read on climate change and how it will affect politics.

Build a better Bookshelf (

Step 1: Install any document scanning app on your phone
Step 2: Scan all the index pages and table of contents in all of your books
Step 3: Send it to whatever software you’re using that has OCR feature
Step 4: Now you can search your books digitally

Great Idea!

CLI: improved (

Remy has a few nice changes he implemented on his shell.. 🙂

I fell for prettyping

GovCMS coming of age (

The Lagoon product does push us to the very limits of what can be realistically open sourced and free of vendor lock-in. So what would it take a government organisation to run/roll their own Lagoon?

<3 I love feedback like this on our open source project!

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