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Travel Setup 2020

Being on the road regularly comes with a few challenges. The main one would be charging all the things and a lot of tech changed since 2013 it seems 🙂

My daily driver remains a 13′ Macbook. And I’m pretty happy that most of the devices moved from proprietary connectors to mostly USB-C 🎉. I used the Apple USB-C charger for a long time but it feels wrong to use the notebook as a charging hub for my other devices and it’s sometimes a bit error prone. So I looked into a few new chargers to get an easier setup and landed with the Satechi Travel Charger. This gives me 2 USB-C and 2 normal USB Ports which is usually enough.

My setup currently:

  • Satechi Travel Charger 75W (2x USB-C and 2x USB-A)
  • USB-C Cables (good ones! – If you go cheap you won’t get far)
  • One of those Multi-USB Cables (USBC, Lightning, Micro-USB)
  • OmniCharge 13 or 20 (I backed those things back when there wasn’t a USB-C Version) The OmniCharge 20 has a variable DC Barrel Output and I used that for a while with a Dell Barrel to USB-C Adapter but after a while that started to fail and now I’m back to reverting to 220V HVDC or AC to charge things. HVDC works with most™ power supplies.

This is it. This part of kit gives me enough freedom to run on and off grid for quite some time. Bonus for the OmniCharge is that it can be charged via a lot of power sources so I sometimes hook it up to my Solar System to get the batteries replenished.