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Stay-home Diaries

So obviously most of the countries suggest or force their citizens to stay home. Not a hugely big change from my side as I work from home regularly – but it’s pretty interesting when work from home (WFH) is forced upon a lot of people.

Notable things

  • All windows were cleaned after 48 hours after starting to work from home full-time
  • Fixed my bike (finally!)
  • Improvised a standing Desk after 3 Days – To get moving around sometimes
  • We cook a lot!
  • We also bake a lot of bread – Don’t underestimate a good fresh bread
  • Good Internet matters (always)
  • A shift in “what’s considered normal” e.g. seeing an advert where people stand in a crowd feels like from a distant past
  • An interest in Gardening – Let’s see where that leads to.
  • Getting to know our Neighbours and sharing food or even baking a loaf of bread too much and passing it on.
  • The first week where the majority of the population was forced to work from home were not really productive as everyone started to communicate on any channels and ask for best practices on video conferencing stuff and how to use chat
  • Limiting media usage is key – see Screentime
  • Taking breaks and enforcing lunchtime is needed – it’s too easy to just work through it – Thinking about getting back and trying out the Pomodoro technique again.
  • Good Media Outlets like Public Broadcasting (e.g. SRFSwissinfo) or Republik are priceless
  • Good Podcasts as well e.g. NDR Coronavirus-Update mit Christian Drosten
  • After 10-14 days I stopped paying attention to the concepts of weekdays

Currently, I’m into this somewhere around 37 days. And I originally started typing this list 17 Days ago… so there will be a followup.