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Angelesen #66

This week a few ARM discussions around the new announcement Apple made (apparently ARM is all the rage these days), the new CERN super-collider (yes 100km circumference!), assessments on the US power-grid and a K8s upgrade good read.

maxgoedjen/secretive: Store SSH keys in the Secure Enclave (

Secretive is an app for storing and managing SSH keys in the Secure Enclave. It is inspired by the sekey project, but rewritten in Swift with no external dependencies and with a handy native management app.

Interesting approach to save the SSH keys in the secure enclave of the Mac

‘My Little Pony’ Fans Confront Their Nazi Problem (

As illustrated by the massive revolt on Reddit earlier this month, Black Lives Matter has led to a rethinking of what online communities are for and whom they serve on a very basic level. That the conversation has managed to penetrate one of the most head-in-the-sand groups on the whole internet speaks to how far the movement has already gone in challenging people where they are—in their imaginary worlds, in their anonymous message threads, and in all of the places where there have long been no rules.

“The fandom has to recognize that it doesn’t exist purely within the vacuum of an online fantasy,” Acesential said. “It exists in a world where these problems are still here.”

Good Read/Listen

Why America’s police look like soldiers (

The gadgets Late Night with Seth Meyers uses to keep the show running from home (

Recording Meyers’ audio was also dependent on consumer tech. Since the show couldn’t look like it’s in a TV studio, Vietmeier wanted to make sure it at least sounded more like it was. The producers quickly realized that viewers were more critical of audio quality than video quality, a common complaint on YouTube.

Great article on how Late Night shows get recorded from home. Pretty interesting what can be pulled of with a few 100$ consumer grade equipment.

CERN approves plans for a $23 billion, 62-mile long super-collider (

CERN has approved plans to build a $23 billion super-collider 100 km in circumference (62 miles) that would make the current 27 km 16 teraelectron volt (TeV) Large Hadron Collider (LHC) look tiny in comparison. The so-called Future Circular Collider (FCC) would smash particles together with over 100 TeV of energy to create many more of the elusive Higgs bosons first detected by CERN in 2012. This “Higgs factory” would be key to helping physicists learn more about dark matter and other mysteries of the Standard Model of physics.

Whoop – I remember the discussions about the super-colider and the size a few years ago. Glad to see this will be a real thing soon 🙂

Apple is switching Macs to its own processors starting later this year (

Apple is officially moving to its own silicon chips for some of its Mac hardware. Calling it a “historic day for the Mac,” Apple CEO Tim Cook detailed the transitions to PowerPC, Mac OS X, and the move to Intel chips before unveiling its plans to use Apple’s own ARM-powered silicon in Macs in the future. It’s a big move that means macOS will support native iOS apps and macOS apps side by side on these new machines in the future.

Apple will release the first Mac with Apple silicon at the end of this year, and it expects the transition to take two years. New Intel-powered Macs are still in the pipeline, so Apple isn’t moving exclusively to ARM-based Macs just yet. Still, this is a big shift for Apple to move away from Intel-based silicon in Macs.

Did i mention that RISC based CPUs were the past but are also the future 😉

Kubernetes node pool upgrades with Pipeline (

A good best-practice on K8s pool upgrades – Banzaicloud is a good thought leader on many K8s topics

An assessment of threats to the American power grid (

Originally read this blogpost about the paper – Highly interesting – I wasn’t aware that the lead times for HV transformers is between 12 to 24 months under normal demand conditions.

I wonder how the Electrical Grinds across Europe would handle such a situation.

whytheplatypus/switchboard: Simple mDNS based reverse proxy for personal infrastructure. (

Simple mDNS-based reverse proxy for personal infrastructure.

The server will check for mDNS broadcasts regularly and update its configuration. TLS is supported through Let’s Encrypt.

That looks like an interesting piece of technology for my raspberry pi services 😀