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Angelesen #67

The avid reader of my not so weekly blogposts might have realized that sometimes a German article finds it’s ways into the list – I start to mark them now with 🇩🇪

I saw that Marcel also started his blog series named Crossreading – enjoy!

1000 OSCILLATOR MEGA DRONE PART 3, Testing 500 Oscillators on this massive analog synthesizer (

Oddly Satisfying 🙂 I know how fun to build the Dronelab

🇩🇪 ÅSKSTORM USB-Ladegerät 40W (

Wenn ich Ikea höre, denke ich nicht zuerst an Ladegeräte, jedoch hat Ikea seit längerer Zeit ziemlich solide USB Netzteile im Angebot nun auch mit bis zu 30 Watt Power Delivery. Dazu gibt es auch das passende USBC – USBC Kabel 🎉

🇩🇪 Mit Lincoln gegen Trump (

Das ist alles recht plump – und zwar mit Absicht. Die Idee dahinter hat George Conway in einem Podcast der Website The Daily Beast so beschrieben: «Wahlkampfspots sollten zum Ziel haben, Trump zu ärgern.» Weil der Präsident so dünnhäutig sei, lasse er sich leicht aus der Bahn werfen, was sich wiederum auf seinen Wahlkampf auswirke – zu seinen Ungunsten.

Raspberry Pi 4 PCI-Express Bridge “Chip” (

So, here’s a PCIe bridge “chip” that simply replaces the VL805 USB 3.0 controller chip on the Pi, giving access to the PCI-Express bus on a USB 3.0 port

PCI-Express on a RaspberryPi 4 – YESPLEASE!

🇩🇪 Der große Nestlé-Report (

Nesquik, Vittel und Maggi – alles Produkte von Nestlé, dem weltgrößten Nahrungsmittelkonzern. Die Doku zeigt, wie es um Fairness, Verantwortung und Produktqualität bei dem Giganten steht.

Sehenswerte Doku!

  • Wasserausbeutung in Vittel (Wieso im Jahre 2020 Flaschenwasser in weiten Teilen von Europa nach wie vor ein Verkaufsprodukt ist ist mir schleierhaft)
  • Viel Zucker und wenig Inhaltsstoffe
  • Preisdruck / Werksschliessungen

ae4d6809912f8171b23f6aa43c6a4e8e627de784 – chromium/src (

Enforce publicly trusted TLS server certificates have a lifetime of 398 days or less, if they are issued on or after 2020-09-01.

Yay – More reasons to go straight to Let’s Encrpyt! I’m pushing our customers usually to LE Certificates – As the CA signed certificates might get more work-instensive to roll over that might also play a role into moving to LE more and more (hopefully)

Our AWS bill is ~ 2% of revenue. Here’s how we did it (

  • Use lightsail instances (20$ per instance) instead of EC2 instances (37$ per instance)
  • Use a lightsail database (60$ per DB) instead of RDS (200$ per DB)
  • Use a self hosted redis server on a compute instance (40$) instead of ElastiCache (112$)
  • If feasible, use a free CDN (cost savings depends on traffic size)
  • Use a self hosted NGINX server (20$ fixed cost) instead of ELB (cost depends on traffic and usage)

Not factoring in the Engineering Hours to build it on Lightsail instances… But at least it’s mentioned in the closing notes:

I would like to put emphasis on the fact that we are a micro-SaaS product that solves a small and specific use case and therefore this kind of AWS setup worked for us. This may not work for big organisations or products where the traffic is erratic. This setup will also not work for folks who have a ton of stuff to do already and would prefer to use managed services and not take the additional headache of monitoring, maintaining and provisioning hardware resources on a regular basis because this has a time cost to it. We are a team of 2 people with a product that is not computation heavy and has cloud requirements that are quite straightforward. We have been running this product for a little over 1 year with this AWS setup and so far we have not encountered any problems.

If you can run simple setups – do so – go ahead and use the most boring (and stable) stack out there. But It also means that scaling might be much harder in the mid-term