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Angelesen #72

Didn’t find time over the weekend for the link dump so here we go! Special Monday edition so to speak.

Authorities plan to mass-uninstall Emotet from infected hosts on April 25, 2021 | ZDNet (

According to public reports, also confirmed by ZDNet with two cyber-security firms that have historically tracked Emotet operations, this update contains a time-bomb-like code that will uninstall the Emotet malware on April 25, 2021, at 12:00, the local time of each computer.

Wow globally killing Emotet by taking over C&C Servers!

South African government releases its own browser just to re-enable Flash support (

The South African Revenue Service has released this week its own custom web browser for the sole purpose of re-enabling Adobe Flash Player support, rather than port its existing website from using Flash to HTML-based web forms.

Flash is dead – Longe live Flash! Claps slowly, flips a small table and minds his own business now.

The lamps you’re not allowed to have. Exploring the Dubai lamps (

Backblaze Hard Drive Stats for 2020 (

Toshiba Delivers More Zeros The new Toshiba 14TB drive (model: MG07ACA14TA) and the new Toshiba 16TB (model: MG08ACA16TEY) were introduced to our data centers in 2020 and they are putting up zeros, as in zero failures. While each drive model has only been installed for about two months, they are off to a great start.

Looks like my next drives should be a few Toshibas

↬ Sean

Enterprise Open Source – Cracks in the Foundations (

If you didn’t follow last weeks, Elastic-Licence-Meltdown watch those 8 minutes and watch Jeff explain it in simple terms.

apozas/contactdiary: Keep track of the people you have recently been with (

Contact Diary is a simple app that allows you to keep a record of the people you have met and the events you have attended to recently. In the undesired event that you test positive for COVID-19, Contact Diary is a place where to quickly find who you must warn about the situation.

If you try to keep track of the people you meet and are on android – this is the app you are looking for.

Österreich: Der Druck auf das Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz nimmt zu (

Einer der beiden Fluchthelfer von Marsalek war offenbar der Ex-FPÖ-Nationalratsabgeordnete Thomas Schellenbacher, der seit Jahren wegen Korruptionsvorwürfen im Visier der Ermittler steht und bereits eingeräumt hat, für Marsalek einen Flug nach Minsk organisiert zu haben.

Ach? Alles Einzelfälle!

3 Common Virtual Event Problems (and How to Fix Them) (

Send an email an hour before your event starts, and another email right when the event begins. Always remember to include the link to the call or livestream. Consider taking advantage of other channels for reminders, like using push notifications in a browser or text reminders.

Oh yes please – Make it as easy as possible for people to join your conference!

↬ mona

How to solve conflict in a community of equals (

Good conflict resolution talk for hackerspaces and other communities of equals

Inside Huawei (

Joe und Sam waren bei Huawei Schweiz angestellt. Doch dann verliessen sie die chinesische Techfirma – weil sie genug hatten von der militärischen Kultur. Ein seltener Einblick in eine Arbeitswelt, in der geopolitische Ziele über allem stehen.

Longread der Woche – Dauert gut so 30 Minuten