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Angelesen #74

Short and sweet this week with a healthy dose of OpenSource – Enjoy

Unsuccessful versus Successful COVID Strategies (

I have been working on pandemic outbreaks for 15 years. There is a misunderstanding of the difference between the response in much of the West, versus successful countries (including New Zealand and Australia)

A few Bullet-points that you should read through and gauge where your country stands.

K-9 Mail is looking for funding (

There is a lot of work that needs doing, both on the app and the project in general. Unfortunately, there are currently not many people around to do it. In the last two years cketti (coincidentally also the author of this post 👋) contributed the largest chunk of work. But there were also a lot of contributions by other people ❤️

Only a few developers working on the project in their spare time wasn’t enough to keep up with the pace of the Android platform. The latest stable K-9 Mail version (5.600) was released in 2018 and barely works on modern Android versions. It’s obvious that the project needs more developer time to be able to catch up.

K-9 is my go-to Mail Client on Android for years. I’ll also donate to the project.

H/T Tobru

Arq 7: Lots More Power – Arq Backup Blog (

Arq 7 is here with more power to give you more control over your backups than ever before!

Directly Upgraded to Arq 7 – Looks like the great UI back in Arq 5 with the under-the-hood changes of Arq 6 – And the speed for a full backup is super fast!

WhatsApp to move ahead with privacy update despite backlash (

WhatsApp then moved to delay the new policy launch to May from February and sought to clarify the update was focused on allowing users to message with businesses and would not affect personal conversations, which will continue to have end-to-end encryption.

Goodbye WhatsApp 👋

SimpleLogin | Open-source email alias solution (

With email aliases, you can finally create a different identity for each website. Defend against spams, phishing and data breach. Open-source. Made and hosted in EU 🇪🇺

Similar to AnonAddy further down below and also fully opensource.

Zsh Tricks to Blow your Mind (

I’ve switched to ZSH lately and finding my way around the new tools Is helpful 🙂

H/T Dan

Free, Open-source Anonymous Email Forwarding – AnonAddy (

I’ve always had email aliases setup to have a distinction between accounts. But AnonAddy lifts this to the next level 🙂

Opensource and also runs on K3s (and ARM) 🎉

leits/MeetingBar: Your next meeting always before your eyes in the macOS menu bar (

Joining the next Meeting via the menu bar in macOS is great – Also being able to just hit a shortcut to join those meetings 🎉 Half of our team started using it already 😀

H/T Michael

Bund bezahlt, Private kassieren – Blochers und Hayeks sahnen trotz Kurzarbeit und Entlassungen ab | Tages-Anzeiger (

Die Hayeks profitieren damit von einem Entscheid des Ständerats vom vergangenen Mai: Er lehnte ein vom Nationalrat beschlossenes Dividendenverbot für Unternehmen, die Kurzarbeit beanspruchen, ab.

Es wäre viel weniger Fraglich, wenn die Parteien nicht vor genau diesem Szenario gewarnt hätten vor etwa einem Jahr. Aber zum Glück stützt sich Dividende auf die Performance von vergangenen Jahren ab (Auch wenn die Performance dank Staatshilfen und Kurzarbeit erreicht wird).

jmdugan/blocklists: Shared lists of problem domains people may want to block with hosts files (

Protecting Against HSTS Abuse (

Well, the HSTS standard describes that web browsers should remember when redirected to a secure location, and to automatically make that conversion on behalf of the user if they attempt an insecure connection in the future. This creates information that can be stored on the user’s device and referenced later. And this can be used to create a “super cookie” that can be read by cross-site trackers.

This is already a bit dated but I’ve never thought about building a supercookie via HSTS headers.