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Angelesen #81

And here we are again 👋 enjoy some short and long-reads. I’m working towards a new schedule for this format, as Sunday-Sunday seems to lead to a lot of off-by-one errors on my end. Let’s see – For now just enjoy a few links from the archive.

Reise-Busse in den USA – Flixbus übernimmt Greyhound (

Henusode, Irgendwie schade…

Operations is not Developer IT (

It is baffling on many levels to me. First, I am not an application developer and never have been. I enjoy writing code, mostly scripting in Python, as a way to reliably solve problems in my own field. I have very little context on what your application may even do, as I deal with many application demands every week. I’m not in your retros or part of your sprint planning. I likely don’t even know what "working" means in the context of your app.

A long read, but a really good one. I fully understand a lot of the pull and push factors with those roles involved. But somehow on the way there, we lost the DevOps it seems. Or basically, a lot of stacks got very complex within just a few short years that people won’t master things anymore and just expect things to work. And then things get passed off to Operations "because they know". The bandwidth on things operations is expce

H/T Tyler

COVID lesson: trust the public with hard truths (

Of the many fears during the pandemic, one has been particularly pernicious: governments’ fear of their people. Former US president Donald Trump admitted to playing down the risks of the coronavirus to “reduce panic”. Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil, blamed the press for causing “hysteria”. The UK government delayed its lockdown, fearing the British population would rapidly become fatigued by restrictions. And, in my home country of Denmark, the authorities tried not to draw public attention to pandemic preparations in early 2020, to avoid “unnecessary fear”.

But Denmark pivoted to a strategy of trusting its citizens with hard truths. The buy-in that ensued led to low death rates and laid the groundwork for a vaccination rate of 95% for everyone aged above 50 (and 75% for the population in general). In September 2021, my country announced that COVID-19 is no longer classified as a “critical threat”.

Well that aged somehow. But the general strategy seems not to have been the worst one.

Why the "specialness spiral" leads us to not use some ordinary objects (

When people decide not to use something at one point in time, the item can start to feel more special. And as it feels more special, they want to protect it and are less likely to want to use it in the future. This accrual of specialness can be one explanation for how possessions accumulate and turn into unused clutter.

That’s good knowledge. I fall for this sometimes too. That something simple like a notebook is too special to use. So just go with it and use it. It’s meant to be used.

Covid pandemic is not the supply chains’ only problem (

I think I’m talking about Supply Chain issues since early June and the situation has not gotten better. And It is something that most likely will stay for a bit. This article on Bloomberg is sadly behind paywall now but it’s also a good one.

[Bug]: Let’s Encrypt root CA isn’t working properly · Issue #31212 · electron/electron (

It is interesting to see which parts of the Internet broke when the Let’s Encrypt Root Certificate ran out.

Also another case of what comes out from the Operations is not Developer IT post above.

Mistakes I’ve Made in AWS (

Some low level money saving tips

Leaded Gas Was a Known Poison the Day It Was Invented (

That report acknowledged that exposure levels might rise over time. “But, of course, that would be another generation’s problem,” she writes. Those early actions set a precedent that was hard to undo: it wouldn’t be until the mid-1970s that a growing body of evidence about the dangers of leaded gasoline lead the EPA to enter into a years-long legal struggle with gasoline-makers over phasing out leaded gasoline.

An industry not to be trusted for so many reasons…

Clearview AI Offered Free Trials To Police Around The World (

Clearview Trail coming to a police officer near you soon!

Tor is a Great SysAdmin Tool (

Testing IP Address Based Access Rules Testing Internally-Hosted Services From an External Perspective Making Reliable External DNS Lookups When Operating in a Split-Horizon DNS Environment

Didn’t think about using tor to test those scenarios because I’ve access to enough jump hosts across many networks. But it’s a good reminder that tor can also be used for this 🙂

Has the firefighting stopped? The effect of COVID-19 on on-call engineers (

For many teams responsible for supporting this always-on world, “firefighting” has become the typical mode of operation. But this digital shift is here to stay, and the workload is not going to reduce. Over the next few blogs, we’re going to dig further into the findings from our platform data and explore how the growing volume of real-time work is increasingly burdening technical teams. In this first blog, we’ll share how this firefighting affects burnout levels, how to classify and quantify interruptions, and what teams can do to avoid attrition.

Seeing this article from Pagerduty made me realize how much shifted around in the past 2 Years. Day to day changes were easy to see but I still see many teams fighting day to day. Luckily a few patterns outlined in the article (24/7) availability is something we’re able to handle via different timezones in our team, this alone makes 24/7 more doable.

World’s Largest Chip Maker to Raise Prices, Threatening Costlier Electronics (

TSMC to increase prices of most advanced chips by roughly 10%; less advanced chips will cost about 20% more

Welcome to the supply chain shortage

Zoom RCE from Pwn2Own 2021 (

zero-click exploits are crazy to witness. This is a great writeup on some details of the RCE

CO2 Einsparungen durch Homeoffice (

Die Ersparnis pro Jahr rechne ich mal der einfachheit halber in 47 Wochen wegen der 5 Wochen Ferien je Mitarbeiter. Damit kommen wir auf eingesparte 35’626 Km und 4’117 kg CO2 Emissionen. Und das ist sehr passend, denn der durchschnittliche CO2 Ausstoss pro Kopf in der Schweiz beträgt 4’120 kg. In Deutschland zum Vergleich ist der Ausstoss doppelt so hoch. Durch unser Homeoffice-Credo mit 320 Stellenprozent sparen wir also so viel CO2 wie ein Mensch in der Schweiz im Schnitt verursacht. Bittegärngscheh.

Gute Zusammenfassung wie viel CO2 im Homeoffice eingespart werden kann.

Turing Pi V2 is here (

The Turing PI V2 looks great. Able to handle 4 Compute modules. Can I haz?

My MacBook Pro had over 10,000 USD in repairs (

The total repair costs (excluding complete laptop replacements), which has thankfully all been covered by AppleCare Protection Plan, are roughly 4,000 USD. More than the initial cost of the laptop itself. Factoring in the cost of the complete replacements, it would be closer to 10,000 USD!

Been there too:

  • 2 top case replacements on my old device due to popped speakers
  • Graphics Card Damage when it just got out of warranty

Joe Rogan, confined to Spotify, is losing influence (

However, a new data investigation by The Verge finds that the powerful podcaster’s influence has waned since he went behind Spotify’s wall. His show has declined as a hype vehicle for guests, and Rogan’s presence as a mainstay in the news has plummeted.

Surprised Much? The team around Joe had the Youtube Game pretty much figured out. Being constrained to a walled garden won’t help build more reach.

Happy birthday – 30 Years of Linux (

just a hobby, won’t be big and professional like gnu

This made my day when I read it first 🙂

Samsung Supports Retailers Affected By Looting With Innovative Television Block Function (

The aim of the technology is to mitigate against the creation of secondary markets linked to the sale of illegal goods, both in South Africa and beyond its borders. This technology is already pre-loaded on all Samsung TV products.

digital arm-breakers… Didn’t post that one in an earlier installment but here we go : The zombie economy and digital arm-breakers. Not saying stealing is bad, but the piece of technology is in your TV no matter what.

PaulWetz – Hypnotize Me (