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KubeCon Amsterdam 2023

For me, it was the first KubeCon, and it felt a bit overwhelming – It was the first big conference north of 1000 people after 2019. KubeCon was like a mix between a big DrupalCon and FOSDEM (when it comes to getting into rooms sometimes). I was able to attend a lot of interesting talks and meet a lot of interesting people. Got a good feeling for the community and the CNCF.

Very interesting was the Special Interest Group (SIG) and Working Groups (WG) Meet and Greet where I sat with a few core contributors from SIG Autoscaling and discussing certain challenges around that topic. It was very insightful to get directly in touch with the people building those components and nerding out on certain very edge case things when it comes to autoscaling clusters ๐Ÿ˜€

Good talks I attended or that are still on my watch list

All in All Feeling

  • Big conference 10k people with almost 60% first time attendees
  • Very commercial – No surprise there I was just not aware of the scale as I usually attend different conferences that have less commercialized structures
  • The CNCF Kiosks have a great community feeling and are a great place to hang out and learn about the open source projects
  • Great to get in touch with the community folks around Kubernetes
  • Great on-site covid testing possibilities – liked it as it makes it easier to travel back knowing that you didn’t catch something during the conference
  • Very solid organization – Everything went flawless and super happy to see such great organization at this scale

See you in Paris 2024 ๐ŸŽ‰