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I know AI is all the rage right now and having a deal to bring ChatGPT into your software is trendy, but including a tool like this in what is basically a mouse driver is ridiculous. I’m not opposed to using AI in software. I’m just opposed to when it shows up as an unexpected, poorly-implemented feature in software that doesn’t need it.

512 Pixels – Logitech’s Mouse Software Now Includes ChatGPT Support, Adds Janky ‘ai_overlay_tmp’ Directory to Users’ Home Folders

Logitech throws in the odd stuff into their Drivers from time to time. When this happens, I start looking for alternatives, but those alternatives usually don’t support the additional mouse buttons. Better Touch Tool (BTT)Mac Mouse FixSteer Mouse are nice. Steer Mouse looks like the one software that does most of what I would like. Unfortunately, as a BTT Fan, I couldn’t get the additional Buttons to Map with BTT; because BTT relies on Logi Options+ to remap the inputs.

On Linux, there’s the Solaar project that seems to be quite active; most likely also because of the AI Shenanigans 😀  

It’s 2024, and we’re discussing mouse drivers… Also, the fact that there’s no super boring default diver that does all of this feels weird.

From my initial testing, it looks like Steer Mouse is the most solid out-of-the-box working. So I’ll keep testing for a bit and see if Steer Mouse is a keeper.

Update 2024-05-16

I started using Solaar on Linux, and it’s pleasantly working as it should.

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