ATH+++: Comments

After a longer period of contemplation: I decided to shut down comments on here. If people want to get in touch with me or let me know their remarks Twitter has been far more usable/direct. Sorry for the ones one that was still using the comments — Sorry Habi 😉

Angelesen #55

Was war diese Woche denn so wichtig? Nebst einer ziemlich grossen Passwortsammlung gab es da noch die 10 Year Challenge, welche auch ganz spannende Fragen aufwerfen kann. Abgerundet wird das Ganze mit einem langen Artikel über Open Source Software.

Angelesen #52 – GDPR, remote work and wireguard

After a slightly longer weekend (bank holidays are a fabulous thing) – Back in action! This week is fueled by a few GDPR/DSGVO articles. fridge 0.1 ( How about a fridge powered entirely by solar panels without the powerwall? Zero battery use, and yet it still preserves your food. That’s much cooler, because batteries, even […]