Angelesen #52 – GDPR, remote work and wireguard

After a slightly longer weekend (bank holidays are a fabulous thing) – Back in action! This week is fueled by a few GDPR/DSGVO articles. fridge 0.1 ( How about a fridge powered entirely by solar panels without the powerwall? Zero battery use, and yet it still preserves your food. That’s much cooler, because batteries, even […]

Angelesen #51 – Serverless, Rowhammer and Disabled USB Ports

Wow what a week! After leaving Switzerland on Tuesday I made it to Verona  Italy by train where I had the chance to attend JSDay and speak at PHPDay. I am astonished how much work the organisation Team behind those Conferences puts in – They not only run JS- and PHPDay they even branched out […]

#PHPDay – More on Serverless 🤖

More Serverless! After two inspiring days of attending the JSDay, I had the chance to talk about the concepts around the serverless movement and our approach to it at PHPDay. It’s been a while since my last PHPDay/JSDay and the conference is still as welcoming and nice as I had it in my memory. (Just […]