Docker: no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries

Early this morning I saw that several docker pulls ended with a weird error while trying to pull the nginx:alpine image. ~ > docker pull nginx:alpine alpine: Pulling from library/nginx no matching manifest for linux/amd64 in the manifest list entries This lead me to following Github issues: The second issue on Github leads […]

Angelesen #49 – OSx > Ubuntu, ICOs in Switzerland, Waveforms

This week was busy, next week will be busy. Let’s keep this brief and head over to the links: Google removes ‘View Image’ button from image search ( Say goodbye to the “View Image” link in Google Images. Google announced a few changes to its image search today, one of which being the removal of […]

Angelesen #48 – Space, Post-Mortems and Loadtesting

Earlier this week I geeked out for the SpaceX landing. For starters, I planned the Dinner to be ready at T-5mins and then SpaceX pushed back the launch which meant my pizza finished nominal but the real launch got delayed. Well, that happens. If you missed the Falcon Heavy launch head over to youtube rewatch […]

2017 – In Stichworten!

Eigentlich sollte man jedes Jahr kurz auf die wichtigsten Geschehnisse zurückblicken. Wieso das jetzt erst ende Januar kommt. Weil ich hier das schreiben habe 😉 12 Monate einige Stichworte: Januar – Meine letzten Diensttage sind gezählt Februar – Drupal Mountain Camp in Davos März – Insomhack in Genf und DrupalCamp London April – Amazee10 in […]