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  • ChatGPT, StableDiffusion

    From now on, we have to treat anything we see on the Internet as potential AI garbage. The picture gallery from an artist? The very cool sounding answer on Stackoverflow? This article in the newspaper? This short viral video? This book on Amazon? They are all potential AI garbage. Fascinating garbage but garbage nonetheless. Drowning […]

  • Containers vs. Local Installs

    My main workstation is a Mac, and I tend to run many small tools via the command line. Over time I grew a bit bored with brew installing every even so small binary for using it for a while and then started collecting dust on my system and adding to keeping things up to date. […]

  • New Gear: Odroid N2+

    At one of the locations, I housed an Intel NUC for several years. As the Intel Celeron asks for retirement and ARM is all the rage, I started to look at new devices that could replace the NUC. This project’s main goals were to lower power consumption, be a single-board computer, expandable storage options, and run […]

  • Drupal HackCamp 🇷🇴 How open source helps you prevent the next Drupalgeddon

    When Adrian from Softescu reached out to me it was the first time i heard about the Drupal HackCamp. A whole camp focused on security – SURE! I’ll write more about the camp later. Let’s start with my slides here first! Slides Conclusions Web Application Firewalls buy you time till you update your site Update […]

  • Angelesen #50 – Kubernetes and Space!

    Sonntagabend, knapp vor acht Uhr: Hier kommen die Links der Woche: Mal schauen, ob ich die wöchentliche Veröffentlichung hinkriege, ich streiche derzeit einfach die Artikel raus, welche mir nach ein paar Tagen missfallen, und versuche so um die 10-15 interessantesten Artikel der Woche drin zu behalten. Ansonsten gibt es gute Links und Artikel zu allem, […]