Angelesen #46 – Crypto, Security, Billag and Longreads

Hi Friend,

da wären wir wieder mal. Ich weiss Beharrlichkeit ist nicht gerade, was mich hier auszeichnet, jedoch haben mir in den letzten Wochen einige Leute gesagt, dass sie diese Blogposts gerne lesen.

Da die letzten Tage ein wenig ruhiger waren, hab ich mal wieder ein paar Links zusammengesammelt. Zwischen Bitcoin, Security und einigen guten Longreads findet sich hier einiges.

Ich bin gerade unterwegs an den 34C3 nach Leipzig – Die Reise ins quasi Paralleluniversum.

Thanks for reading and so long

CongressChecklist/ (

😀 Fantastic checklist for going to any congress!

I Was Wrong About Bitcoin. Here’s Why. (

I assumed that Wall Street would stay away.

I hoped, but was proven otherwise.

Why an eight-hour bus ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco might beat a flight (

Cabin is an interesting experiment; an attempt to compete with airlines by promising a better night’s sleep. Flying between the two cities may take less than an hour and a half. But getting to the airport, shuffling through the security queue, waiting at the gate, picking up your bag upon arrival, and getting from the airport to your actual destination can nearly quadruple the total travel time. That means a trip can eat up most of the day. Or if you want to travel at night, you have about an hour to sleep, between several hours of hassle and tedium.

That’s among the reasons, why I prefer the night train to wherever place possible in europe :)

Netflix: What Happens When You Press Play? (

Netflix Longread!

Wetten, dass Tamedia und Goldbach zusammengehen? (

Lesenswerter Artikel zur NoBillag Abstimmung – #0

The 50 Best Podcasts of 2017 (

Podcasts are awesome. I discovered 99% invisible and the Outside Podcast :)

Remove my password from lists so hackers won’t be able to hack me (


bloomberg/powerfulseal: A powerful testing tool for Kubernetes clusters. (

PowerfulSeal adds chaos to your Kubernetes clusters, so that you can detect problems in your systems as early as possible. It kills targeted pods and takes VMs up and down.

Edward Snowden’s New App Uses Your Smartphone to Physically Guard Your Laptop (

Here’s how Haven might work: You lock your laptop in a hotel safe — not a secure move on its own — and place your Haven phone on top of it. If someone opens the safe while you’re away, the phone’s light meter might detect a change in lighting, its microphone might hear the safe open (and even the attacker speak), its accelerometer might detect motion if the attacker moves the laptop, and its camera might even capture a snapshot of the attacker’s face. The Haven app will log all of this evidence locally on the Android device.

It’s still in early beta state but I like what it does so far.

OSX.Pirrit Mac Adware Part III: The DaVinci Code (

More OSX Adware!

The full-stack employee (

Work and where it could be heading in the light of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR)

Now I Have To Blog About It (

Bitcoin : Düstere Aussichten

Learning to operate Kubernetes reliably (

We recently built a distributed cron job scheduling system on top of Kubernetes, an exciting new platform for container orchestration. Kubernetes is very popular right now and makes a lot of exciting promises: one of the most exciting is that engineers don’t need to know or care what machines their applications run on.

Distributed systems are really hard, and managing services on distributed systems is one of the hardest problems operations teams face. Breaking in new software in production and learning how to operate it reliably is something we take very seriously. As an example of why learning to operate Kubernetes is important (and why it’s hard!), here’s a fantastic postmortem of a one-hour outage caused by a bug in Kubernetes.

Fantastic Distributed Computing read.

Google Maps’s Moat (

Despite the fact that you should use OpenStreetMaps. An article about the crazy details Google Maps is having.

Es wäre dumm, die SRG zu zertrümmern (

NoBillag read #1

No more 
No Billag! (

Es dauert noch geschlagene drei Monate, bis das Stimmvolk die No-Billag-Initiative endlich versenken darf. Es drohen drei lange Monate zu werden. Drei Monate, während denen der SRG die Tweets nur so um die Ohren fliegen. Jede missliebige Sendung, jede holprige Äusserung eines Moderators, jedes schlechte Ergebnis eines Schweizer Skistars wird als schlagender Beweis angeführt, weshalb diese elendlichen Zwangsgebühren abgeschafft gehören.

NoBillag read #2

Internet Chemotherapy (

There will also be those who will criticize me and say that I’ve acted
irresponsibly, but that’s completely missing the point. The real point
is that if somebody like me with no previous hacking background was able
to do what I did, then somebody better than me could’ve done far worse
things to the Internet in 2017. I’m not the problem and I’m not here to
play by anyone’s contrived rules. I’m only the messenger. The sooner you
realize this the better.

A good read from an individual that singlehandedly made the internet a bit better.

Burnout at the Global Campfire (TEDx me too) (

If you are a TEDx organizer, teammmember or enganging in ANY community work – READ IT. read it again and ponder on it.

Das müssen Sie wissen, bevor Sie über No Billag reden (

RT @honegger: Well done, @tagesanzeiger: So geht Bürger-Information. Ahnung kommt vor Meinung.

NoBillag read #3

Seth’s Blog: Reading at work (

What would happen if the next all hands meeting got cancelled and instead the organization had an all hands-on read instead?

Me likes 😀 And what would you read?

Stop. Calling. Bitcoin. Decentralized. (

Only switch to Proof of Stake can, possibly, help.

Bitcoin : Good insight on the centralization of the “decentralized” currency ;) (with pie charts!)

Meet The People Who Listen to Podcasts Crazy-Fast (

So Kenny began listening faster: first at 2x, then she worked her way up to 3x. She stopped only because “that’s just as fast as the Downcast app allows.

I’m at only 1.5 for English and 1.75-2x for german. So there’s room for more ;) Or maybe not, not everything needs to be optimized in my life.

What every Browser knows about you (

RSS: there’s nothing better (

“Damn. If only there was some system which allowed you to follow updates to blogs and websites you care about in a manner that ensured you never missed an update, could find new updates at a glance, and didn’t have to wade through masses of noise to do so. …Hey, this would be a great idea for a startup!”

“I think you’ll find it’s already been done.”

“Really? Who by? Why didn’t you mention this earlier?”


Homeland Security team remotely hacked a Boeing 757 (

“We got the airplane on Sept. 19, 2016. Two days later, I was successful in accomplishing a remote, non-cooperative, penetration,” Hickey said in an article in Avionics Today. “[That] means I didn’t have anybody touching the airplane; I didn’t have an insider threat. I stood off using typical stuff that could get through security, and we were able to establish a presence on the systems of the aircraft.”

What could possibly go … WTF!

‘Mr. Robot’: Season 3 Single Take Episode Explained (


With one single shot, Elliot Alderson’s (Rami Malek) entire world came crashing down around him.

Fantatstic to watch!

Angelesen #45

Howdy y’all! Böse Zungen behaupten, dass ich zwischen August und November ziemlich schwer zu erreichen bin. Tja die #CrazyTime gibt es jedes Jahr. Nach meinem Aufenthalt in Wien ist die USA an der Reihe! Ich bin derzeit gerade in San Francisco, wo die Temperaturen mit 28°C sehr im Rahmen des erträglichen sind! Nachdem ich heute 15km rumgelaufen bin treffe ich noch einige Freunde bevor am Mittwoch das BadCamp beginnt.

The Depression Thing (

Longread von Zach Homan zum Thema Depressionen.

Die ersten Anzeigen seit der Einführung des Verhüllungsverbots in Österreich (

fassungsloses Kopfschütteln auf das wir in der Schweiz solchen Unfug bachab schicken!

What I Learned From Reading Every Amazon Shareholders Letter (

If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat. Just get on.
Jemand hat sich die Mühe gemacht, sämtliche Shareholder Letters durchzulesen, darunter hat es einige Trouvailen und clevere Schlussfolgerungen

Google is nerfing all Home Minis because mine spied on everything I said 24/7 (

What could have possibly gone wrong… uhm wait!

OnePlus OxygenOS built-in analytics (

from a development point of view, wanting to know about abnormal reboots seems legitimate – but the screen on/off and unlock activities feel excessive.

Ein Privacy WTF der Extraklasse!

What will programming look like in the future? (

Right now, limited as we are by human programmers using methods that haven’t changed much in 30 years, software is just nibbling at the world. And that won’t scale. We need more software. A lot more software. And humans are the bottleneck.

Spannender Gedanke zur Zukunft von Software

Changing Lanes: Watch Median Movers & Cone Collectors Rapidly Modify Roads – 99% Invisible (

Persisting state between AWS EC2 spot instances (

Direkt aus der Abteilung für “Amazon AWS Spot Instance”-Hacks

No Justification for Spanish Internet Censorship During Catalonian Referendum (

With an extremely narrow range of exceptions, government censorship of the Internet is prohibited by Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights, both of which guarantee everyone’s right to receive and impart information and ideas regardless of frontiers. The Spanish government’s censorship of online speech during the Catalonian referendum period is so wildly disproportionate and overbroad, that its violation of these instruments seems almost beyond dispute.

Keine Regierung sollte ihren Bürgern jemals vorschreiben was sie im Internet anzusurfen haben. Geschweige denn Seiten in diesem Masse sperren – Basta!

HAProxy vs nginx: Why you should NEVER use nginx for load balancing! (

Conclusion: Avoid nginx at all costs

Talking about NGINX as Loadbalancer

GitLab raises $20M Series C round led by GV (

Way to go GitLab!

Bluetooth won’t replace the headphone jack (

To improve Bluetooth, platform vendors like Apple and Google are riffing on top of it, and that means they’re building custom solutions. And building custom solutions means they’re taking the opportunity to prioritize their own products, because that is a fair and rational thing for platform vendors to do.


The playbook is simple: last year, Apple dropped the headphone jack and replaced it with its W1 system, which is basically a custom controller chip and software management layer for Bluetooth. The exemplary set of W1 headphones is, of course, AirPods, but Apple also owns Beats, and there are a few sets of W1 Beats headphones available as well. You can still use regular Bluetooth headphones with an iPhone, and you can use AirPods as regular Bluetooth headphones, but the combination iPhone / W1 experience is obviously superior to anything else on the market. No one else can make W1 headphones, and obviously no one else can modify iOS to support their own custom wireless Bluetooth riff. So your choices are the four W1 headphones, and then a large market of second-class citizens.

Nicht das Google das unglaublich viel offener Machen würde. Aber der Trend ist eine DRMifizierung von sämtlichen Datenwegen. Gefällt der Musikindustrie und den Premium-Hardware-Herstellern bestimmt ;)

Julian Assange Told Young Catalans What Chat Apps To Use To Avoid Spanish Authorities (

Tracking police activity was one of the largest priorities for the Catalan activists on the day of the vote. A user-generated map quickly started getting shared around. “There was a map, a Google map, with points where the police had been and you could see different colors. I don’t know who made it,” Rosique said.

Crowd-gesourctes Riot Management, Mobilisierung über End-to-End verschlüsselte Dienste wie Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram. Wow!

And now everyone : Use Tor, Use Signal

Deutsche Bank makes its computer code publicly available for the first time – Newsroom (

Opensource FTW!

Band uses delay from Facebook Live to loop a song and it’s incredible (

Ein Video zur Abwechslung

Personal Power Plant projects (

sunboxlabs is a platform for sharing DIY solar projects. learn, share, build.

Zusammenfassung von verschiedenen Solarprojekten.

UK gives WhatsApp another spanking over e2e crypto (

So Rudd’s views on e2e crypto — and her apparent willingness to continue to misunderstand how technologies work — should worry us all.

Guter Artikel zur End-To-End Crypto Diskussion in den UK. Wetten, dass Natasha beim schreiben des Beitrags viel Spass hatte!

No Bitcoin-based protocol can handle more than 20M users per month (

Titel sagt alles ;)

DrupalCon Vienna – Stories and thoughts on Drupal Hosting — (

In Eigener Sache : Ich habe drüben auf unserem Firmenblog über die DrupalCon geschrieben.

Angelesen #44

Da wären wir wieder :) Nachdem auch Karin wieder begonnen hat Ihre Sunday Dishes zu kuratieren, gibt mir das doch ein bisschen antrieb selbst in die Tasten zu hauen. Und so wie ich gehört habe schätzen einige meine Zusammenstellung.

Here we go again!

Aish Raj Dahal – Chaos management during a major incident (

No software system on the planet is today fully failure-resistant. Given this, it becomes crucial for software teams to be able to deal with major production incidents in a nimble way. However, just as complex systems fail, responding to a major system outage is a painful operational exercise that may at times require multiple stakeholders to work together. In this talk, Aish discusses how to efficiently deal with the human element, when complex systems fail.

Good talk on chaos management during an incident

The iPhone X is the Beginning of the End for Phones (

Do you want a black rectangle or a white one? A slightly bigger rectangle or a thinner rectangle? The rectangle with a camera bump or without it?

this is so true ;)

When was the last time you bought a new laptop? Chances are you’re reading this on something you bought four or five years ago. The same is happening to phones right now and the iPhone X is likely the last device that will matter in the category.

As “Phones” (read PocketDatacenters) become vastly powerful the need of getting a new one every year drops.

adafruit industries on Twitter: “looks like there is some news @adafruit about @RadioShack … photo by @CollinMel” (

Adafruit aquired Radioshack!

The Pixel’s missing headphone jack proves Apple was right (

Apple’s bet in removing the headphone jack was that we could stomach some short-term inconvenience for the longer-term benefits of freeing up valuable real estate inside the phone. It was a calculated risk, intended in part to also force the development of better wireless and digital gear by headphone makers.

Sadly Bluetooth microphone quality still sucks ;)

The Ridiculous Amount of Energy It Takes to Run Bitcoin (

It uses an absolutely stunning amount of power. The ever-expanding racks of processors used by miners already consume as much electricity as a small city. It’s a problem that experts say is bad and getting worse.

My biggest point of criticism on bitcoin. The amount of energy burned for “nothing”

90,000 Guns But No Gun-Related Crimes (

“My dad had guns and hunted. So guns were always around when I was a boy,” says gun owner and hunting enthusiast Árni Leósson. “When I got older I got really into fly-fishing and from there I got interested in hunting but to do that I had to get my own guns. It was just pragmatism and I think the reason gun crime is so alien in Iceland is the ‘gun culture.’ In Iceland guns are for practical things like hunting and not for protection. We have the police for that.”

Let’s talk about guns. Example: Iceland

How Microsoft become a destination for a new generation of open-source developers (

The new developer advocate role at Microsoft appears to be less about forcing Microsoft technology down people’s throats and more about meeting them where they are, identifying promising open-source cloud projects and helping out in whatever capacity makes the most sense. Sure, the goal is to still convince them that Azure is the best place for their workloads, but more in the sense of understanding what cutting-edge developers want and working to provide those services in Azure.

Way to go Microsoft!

How to lose $8k worth of bitcoin in 15 minutes with Verizon and (

The main thing that struck me by the hack was the extraction speed possible in the current cryptocurrency ecosystem. $8,000 in 15 minutes is faster and more lucrative than robbing a suburban bank.


Why working from home should be standard practice (

One or two days a week is probably the ideal amount of time to work from home, suggests Bloom. “You don’t want to go much higher because you risk jeopardizing the cohesion of your team.” As companies compete to hire and retain the best employees, being able to offer the option to work from home can sweeten the deal. “The need to go into a workplace five days a week started because people had to go to a factory and make products,” he says. “But companies that still treat employees like that are increasingly finding themselves at a disadvantage.”

A good work from home read

Remote Work Doesn’t Scale … or Does It? (

Collaboration here looks like ad-hoc video conferences, pair programming, Google doc riffing, and 40,000 Slack messages a week for the 200 members in our Slack team.

Welcome to my world!

Even This Data Guru Is Creeped Out By What Anonymous Location Data Reveals About Us (

Stell dir vor, es ist Krieg und keiner merkts (

In einem Cyberkrieg geht es erst einmal nicht um Territorialgewinne oder Rohstoffe, sondern um die digitale Infrastruktur und die Deutungshoheit über Informationen. Man will das gegnerische Land nicht physisch angreifen, man will es destabilisieren. Es ist ein Angriff auf den Glauben der Bevölkerung an die eigene Regierung, auf alles, was ein Land am Laufen hält; ein Angriff auf die Möglichkeit, Fakten von Fiktionen zu unterscheiden.

Guter Artikel über den Informationskrieg.