Angelesen #35

Da wären wir mal wieder mit ein paar Links. Die ruhigeren Dezembertage habe ich bisher genutzt um ein bisschen mit IOT Sensoren zu experimentieren, mal den Blog zu entstauben und einen meiner alten Server abzuschalten. Ziemlich produktiv oder?

And here we go!

Why Is My NTP Server Costing $500/Year? Part 1 (

We investigated and discovered our public NTP server was heavily loaded. Over a typical 45-minute period, our instance provided time service to 248,777 unique clients (possibly more, given that a firewall may “mask” several clients), with an aggregate outbound data of 247,581,892 bytes (247 MB). Over the course of a month this traffic ballooned to 332GB outbound traffic, which cost ~$40.

Wenn der NTP Server zum Problem wird.

«Der Kolonialismus hat nie aufgehört» (

Man kommt nicht von einem Ort, das ist ein mentales Konstrukt. Komme ich aus Bern, weil ich zurzeit hier wohne? Oder aus Berlin, weil ich 24 Jahre da gelebt habe? Das Einzige, was klar ist: Ich komme aus dem Bauch meiner Mutter.

Lesenswertes Interview mit Wilfried N’Sondé

Small Transparent Speaker (

The best wireless speaker we can make for you and for the environment.

Den grossen Transparent Speaker von People People habe ich schon länger auf meiner Wunschliste. Jetzt gibt es auch den Small Transparent Speaker :D

Mapping the Shadows of New York City: Every Building, Every Block (

You’re looking at a map of all of the shadows produced by thousands of buildings in New York City over the course of one day. This inverted view tells the story of the city’s skyline at the ground level.

Für alle GIS-Freunde und Städtebau interessierten.

Furiosa’s Cat Feeder (

You might say I’ve won this battle. However I just spent 20 hours armor-plating a cat feeder. I think we know who’s really in control here, don’t we?

How to secure a Cat Feeder. Hillarious!

SSH Config Includes (

OpenSSH version 7.3 introduced a very handy Include feature, which is great for people who have to manage connection info for multiple servers


WEMO SD1 mini pro (

Das D1 mini pro ist der Nachfolger des D1 mini. Sehr unter dem Radar wurde auch noch der SHT30 Sensor veröffentlicht (welcher scheinbar die bisherigen Temperatur und Feuchtigkeitssensoren ziemlich in den Schatten stellen soll)

Ein Bargespräch in vier Akten. (

Was Berner wirklich wollen. Was Rechte in der Reitschule machen. Wie träge Menschen Mainstream schaffen.

Das Nachtleben treffend hinterfragt und Diskutiert.

Create an Environmental Monitoring Dashboard (

Ein Blogpost, welchen ich gefunden habe, während ich mit den Wemos Sensoren rumgespielt habe. Jetzt müsst ich nur noch zuhause irgendwas haben das einen Docker Container 24/7 laufen lässt.

Mit dem Navi im Kofferraum gegen Uber (

  • Fahrer freundlich: Wissen wo ist?
  • Ich habe Ihnen doch die Adresse gegeben!?
  • Fahrer etwas weniger freundlich: Ich meine, wo fahren?
  • Das weiss ich nicht. Deshalb nehme ich ja ein Taxi.
  • Fahrer verwirft die Hände.
  • Haben Sie kein Navi?

Changing lanes (

Early one Sunday morning, half a century ago, Sweden’s motorists pulled off a deft manoeuvre. September 3rd 1967 was H Day, for Högertrafik (“right traffic”) day. The country, like Britain, had driven mostly on the left since the mid-18th century. But that looked untenable by the 1950s. All its Nordic neighbours were righties, making border crossings tricky.

Voters hated the idea of switching: 83% said nej to it in a referendum in 1955. But politicians don’t always feel bound by plebiscites. In 1963 parliament told a commission to prepare for lane-changing. By 1967 catchy pop songs, stickers, slogans and even special underpants reminded Swedes to turn right.

Mr. Robot Killed the Hollywood Hacker (

When hackers hack in Mr. Robot, they talk about it in ways that actual hackers talk about hacking. This kind of dialogue should never have been hard to produce: hacker presentations from Black Hat and Def Con are a click away on YouTube. But Mr. Robot marks the first time a major media company has bothered to make verisimilitude in hacker-speak a priority.


Quit Social Media. Your Career May Depend on It. (

Most social media is best described as a collection of somewhat trivial entertainment services that are currently having a good run. These networks are fun, but you’re deluding yourself if you think that Twitter messages, posts and likes are a productive use of your time.

Regt zum Nachdenken an.

drduh/macOS-Security-and-Privacy-Guide: A practical guide to securing macOS. (

This is a collection of thoughts on securing a modern Apple Mac computer using macOS (formerly OS X) 10.12 “Sierra”, as well as steps to improving online privacy.

Spannender Guide um OSx mehr abzusichern und die Privacy zu verbessern.

Drupal Camp Cape Town 2016 – Fast websites for all of us


I was invited to Drupal Camp Cape Town to present on a topic which is very dear to me: “Fast websites for everyone” I was covering  principles or issues which need to be addressed in order to get sites as quickly as possible to the user.

My personal thanks go to the Team behind Drupal Camp Cape Town. It was amazing to be part of it and I loved the relaxed location and the many discussions with the people I met throughout the day.





Stepping back from Organizing

Frontend Conf 2016

This was an extraordinary year for conferences.

I was able to fit three conferences and two involvements for the programme team for DrupalCon Dublin next to work into my schedule (thanks to a very generous team who made it possible – thank you

  • Wunsch Schloss
  • FrontendConf 2016
  • TEDxBern 2016
  • DrupalCon Dublin – DevOps Summit
  • DrupalCon Dublin – Performance and Scaling Track

This all would not have been possible without a great team and effort, late shifts or just picking up work which has been left unasigned.

All in all, every conference I took part was a success.

Sitting here and contemplating about the time spent, the great moments we had, I had experienced something I didn’t encounter for months. It was a time to reflect. I gave myself time and space to think about how i want to contribute to those events and where I personally wanted to go. I felt depleted and loss of ideas. During a long and very good conversation with Dominik, we had come to the conclusion that there must be more to this than the ‘normal’ conference. I’m in search of something new, however, first I’ll shift my focus and take on new things, perhaps also enjoy free time, and get back to my reading challenge.

It humbles me when Speakers like Simon Weidman or Gwendolyn Masin tell me that the moment when they went on stage they felt that they are in the right hands or Laura Kalbag writes following:

It’s rewarding and feels great to see people enjoying the stage you set.

On Failure

Did everything go perfectly? No way! We failed to make the DevOps Summit at the DrupalCon Dublin to make a success. But the Drupal Association very wisely pulled the plug at the right moment. We were sitting there and said, It’s not worth it. Work has been done, but we did not get enough traction. We had this discussion also for another conference this year at an earlier stage. And the team agreed we’re still on a GO so we did it. Not this time for the Summit. I would have loved to see it be a success but it’s also wise to call it a day and cancel an event when there is time and you’re not over the point of no return. I don’t see it as a failure, I treat it as a learning.

Heading for new Shores

The Wunschschloss in Thun is a lovely venue with interesting talks how Switzerland can evolve and what it can learn from other countries. Young and old people take their ideas to the stage to get heard. I like the format and the venue. After being responsible twice for the whole Event Tech I’m letting go and passing it on to the team we’ve built up. Next time I’ll maybe sit in a back row where I can overlook the stage and the tech crew doing their work.

As we run TEDxBern every other year we have some time to sit back and decide how we tackle the next edition. I won’t let go of this as Markus and I started it years ago and it’s something we run with a lot of passion (even tough we argue sometimes a lot – but that’s part of a creative process)

I’ll let go of FrontendConf as my work-focus shifted quite a bit it’s not the centre of attention for me anymore. After 4 years being active for the conference, i’ll take a step back, letting others take on the Journey such an event brings.

On Energy

I had to pull out of several activities this year, some of them I could handle well while some were treated less well. After a strenuous time, the most valuable lesson I learned is that I can still do a lot, but I also need to take care in the long run. In a book I read recently, a wise man said “Your year has 12 months but you only have 6 shots. You need to prioritise to get things right”.

It was a pleasure meeting with all of you. See you near a Stage soon. I’m sure I’ll keep myself busy with something new.

Angelesen #34


Da wär ich mal wieder, nach einigen Tagen in Dublin. Ich werde die Teatime und den Geruch der Kohleheizungen (!), der sich am Abend über die Stadt legt vermissen. Nach einem kurzen Zwischenstopp in der Schweiz bin ich schon für die nächste Reise am Packen: ZRH ✈ CPT

Ab zu den Links:

Die Staatsschutzakten, die Max Frisch nicht sehen durfte (

Im März 1990 verlangt er beim Kommando der Zürcher Stadtpolizei «dringend eine Fotokopie der offenen Fichen», die ihn betreffen – «sowie Einsicht in die dazugehörigen Dossiers». Vergeblich. Der Antrag wurde erst im Jahr nach Frischs Tod bearbeitet.
Wenn man die ungeschwärzten Fichen vor sich hat und die dazugehörigen Akten hinzuzieht (auch dafür sind wiederum Gesuche notwendig, und zwar für jedes einzelne Aktendossier), dann sieht man ziemlich bald, wie die Bundespolizei im Kalten Krieg ihre Informationen sammelte […]

Guter Artikel über Max Frisch und seine Fichen.

Geschlossene Gesellschaften (

Wer im Jahr 1750 von Höngg ins benachbarte Zürich umziehen wollte, stand vor einer fast unmöglichen Aufgabe. Höngger (und alle anderen Landzürcher) hatten keine Chance, das Stadtzürcher Bürgerrecht zu bekommen. Vielleicht erhielten Zuzüger einen Job als Magd oder Hauslehrer. Nach ein paar Jahren mussten sie die Stadt wieder verlassen.

Erst 1975 setzten die Stimmbürger mit 76 Prozent die «uneingeschränkte Niederlassungsfreiheit» durch.

Yahoo Scanned Everyone’s E-mails for the NSA (

Other companies have been quick to deny that they did the same thing, but I generally don’t believe those carefully worded statements about what they have and haven’t done. We do know that the NSA uses bribery, coercion, threat, legal compulsion, and outright theft to get what they want. We just don’t know which one they use in which case.

Oh well… und wieso haben wir in der Schweiz genau für mehr Überwachung gestimmt.

Cyberwehr: Innenministerium und BSI wollen IT-Spezialisten von Unternehmen ausleihen (

Zwar ist in dem Entwurf vorgesehen, dass von privaten Stellen in die Cybervorfall-Notfalltruppe entsandte Mitarbeiter zur Verschwiegenheit verpflichtet sein müssen. Auch sollen Stellen, denen zur Hilfe geeilt wird, die Beteiligung einzelner Cyberwehr-Teilnehmer ablehnen dürfen. Doch die Einsätze der Spezialisten sollen maximal fünf Tage am Stück gehen, heißt es in dem Entwurf, insgesamt bis zu 20 Tage, also einen vollen Arbeitsmonat, pro Jahr – bei voller Lohnfortzahlung durch den eigentlichen Arbeitgeber.

Die deutsche Cyber-Miliz…

«Bullshit» verdrängt Journalismus: Am Ende des Aufklärungszeitalters (

Weil Aufmerksamkeit knapp ist und sich in Geld oder Macht ummünzen lässt, wurde und wird immer mehr investiert, um sie zu generieren. Damit ist immerhin plausibel erklärt, weshalb heute in den USA auf einen Journalisten statistisch etwa fünf PR-Experten kommen, während vor drei Jahrzehnten das Verhältnis noch etwa ausgeglichen 1:1 betrug. Mit der Übermacht und der Professionalisierung der PR-Branche ging einher, dass sich Copy-Paste-Journalismus rapide ausbreitete. So wurde zunächst schleichend und dann immer offensichtlicher die Glaubwürdigkeit des Journalismus unterminiert.

Nvidia’s AI learns to drive by watching humans (

Perhaps even cooler, BB-8 realizes it doesn’t have to stay on the road in all circumstances. In the demonstration, traffic cones routed the car off the road and into the grass, and the AI instinctively knew that this was okay.

Could Slack Kill Facebook? (

Slack is designed for business use, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Stewart Butterfield, the Slack CEO, told me last year that he knows families who use it for personal group messaging and photo-sharing. I have friends and coworkers who use the platform for chatting with non-work friends.

DNS-over-HTTPS (

Google Public DNS provides the API at as well as a human-friendly web interface at Although the latter displays results in a browser it does not implement the API; be aware not to confuse these two URLs.

SSL Must-read Nummer 0 – Tolle API von Google.

SpaceX’s Big Fucking Rocket (

Tim Urban hat mal wieder geschrieben. Darin ist etwa alles untergebracht, was man wissen muss zu SpaceX und der Marsmission.

Terms of service agreements are destroying the concept of ownership for digital goods (

When you purchase a book from a bookstore your rights to that particular stack of paper are pretty intuitive. It becomes your personal property, not much different from a t-shirt, a diamond ring, or anything else you might carry around. You can sell your book, lend it to a friend, or toss it in the fireplace. In short, unless you’re making a copy, you can do whatever you want without asking for permission from the book’s creator.


New P2 Instance Type for Amazon EC2 – Up to 16 GPUs (

Speed of Light – Even as transistor density increases, the speed of light imposes scaling limits (as computer pioneer Grace Hopper liked to point out, electricity can travel slightly less than 1 foot in a nanosecond).

Amazon wirft eine neue GPU Instanz auf den Markt. Jetzt mit bis zu 20GBps Netzanbindung und 16 GPUs.

Lesser known Git commands (

Ein paar interessante Git Befehle um das tägliche Git-Kung-Foo aufzubessern.

As it happened: Rosetta ends its mission (

The frequency carrier signal from Rosetta should have a large peak in its centre – as soon as that disappeared, a few claps and a muted cheer rose from the crowd at mission control.
It’s assumed the spacecraft crashed into the comet – ending the signal right on time.

Die Rosetta Mission geht zu ende.

jlund/streisand: Streisand sets up a new server running L2TP/IPsec, OpenConnect, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, sslh, Stunnel, and a Tor bridge. (

The Internet can be a little unfair. It’s way too easy for ISPs, telecoms, politicians, and corporations to block access to the sites and information that you care about. But breaking through these restrictions is tough. Or is it?

Streisand ist eine Sammlung von Ansible Playbooks, welche einen sehr guten VPN Tunnelserver zusammen-konfiguriert. Emfpehlenswert.

Defending Against Hackers Took a Back Seat at Yahoo, Insiders Say (

The “Paranoids,” the internal name for Yahoo’s security team, often clashed with other parts of the business over security costs. And their requests were often overridden because of concerns that the inconvenience of added protection would make people stop using the company’s products.

Autsch oder “Wieso es 2 Jahre dauert die Kunden zu informieren, dass ihre Passwörter vor 2 Jahren gestohlen wurden.”

Facebook Ordered to Stop Collecting Data on WhatsApp Users in Germany (

The city of Hamburg’s data protection commissioner ordered Facebook on Tuesday to stop collecting and storing data on WhatsApp users in Germany, the first time a privacy watchdog has waded into the debate. The regulator, which has authority over Facebook’s activities across Germany, also called on the social network to delete all information already forwarded from WhatsApp on roughly 35 million German users.

Erstaunt mich nicht, dass es die Deutschen sind die sich da auf die Hinterbeine stellen :)

How WIRED Completely Encrypted Itself (

SSL Must-read Nummer 1

Pfadi: Das gute alte Zelttuch 64 wird ausgemustert (

Die Armee, dachte ich als Mädchen, ist wie das Zelttuch 64: gut getarnt und unverwüstlich. Die Soldaten benützen es vorläufig noch. Jugend und Sport (J+S) hat schon mal neue erhalten. Aus China übrigens. Lieferant ist die Firma Habegger in Thun. Der Spezialist für Seilzugtechnik hat die Herstellung an einen Dritten in China weitergegeben.

Ach die gute alte Zeltblache!

Someone Is Learning How to Take Down the Internet (

The attacks are also configured in such a way as to see what the company’s total defenses are. There are many different ways to launch a DDoS attack. The more attack vectors you employ simultaneously, the more different defenses the defender has to counter with. These companies are seeing more attacks using three or four different vectors. This means that the companies have to use everything they’ve got to defend themselves. They can’t hold anything back. They’re forced to demonstrate their defense capabilities for the attacker.

Nach einigen Angriffen auf die schweizer Internet Infrastruktur liest isch dieser Artikel gleich viel spannender.

sysctl tuning on Linux (

While most Linux Kernels nowadays come with nice sysctl defaults, there’s always room for improvement. Some parameters can be used for performance tuning, others can be critical for security hardening.

Ich habe letztlich ja länger an den Kernelparametern rumgespielt um unsere Systeme zu härten. Das ist eine der besseren Resourcen die man im Netz findet.

Technik: Varia Instruments RDM20 (

In ihrer Werkstatt, welche sich im alten Loeb Warenlager in Bern befindet, bauen Simon und *Marcel ihren Mixer zusammen. Mit ungefähr 20 Stunden pro Gerät verwenden sie mehr als nur ihre Freizeit dafür. Ihr RDM ist auch weit mehr als ein Rotary Mixer. Act local think global ist einer ihrer Leitsätze. So findet man auch hauptsächlich Teile aus der Schweiz verbaut, was nichts mit Patriotismus zu tun hat. Mit der Nähe zu den Lieferanten können sie ihren eigenen Qualitätsansprüchen gerecht werden. “Wir legen grossen Wert darauf zu wissen, woher wir was beziehen. In unserer Welt kaufen wir schon zu viele Dinge, bei denen wir nicht wissen, woher sie kommen.” erklärt Marcel.

Akkustik-Mixer-Porn made in good old Bärn <3

The Great HTTPS Migration (

SSL Must-read Nummer 2

We launched our company with a parody product. (

We put the site on a free Github Page, which is awesome for quick projects like this with static content but has a 100gb/month recommended bandwidth limit. The Apple Plug site with images runs at over 4mb, and we got more than 1.5 million views in a day, which adds up to around 7 terabytes of bandwidth, waaay more than Github’s limit. To handle this we added a free plan from Cloudflare, which we can’t recommend enough. We were able to transition to their CDN seamlessly, and they handled 99% of our bandwidth. (In total over the last week: 9.69 terabytes out of 9.80 terabytes.)

TIL: Free-Hosting = Github & Cloudflare

Foreigners breach two million mark (

In 2015 there were 2,048,700 foreign nationals in the country, meaning they now account for 24.6% of the permanent resident population, the Federal Statistical Office said on Friday. The figure for 2014 was 1,998,500.


Just how dangerous is it to travel at 20% the speed of light? (

The work, done by a team of four astronomers, focuses on one of the most basic issues: spacecraft survival. The goal of Breakthrough Starshot is to accelerate its craft to about 20 percent the speed of light. At that speed, even individual atoms can damage the vehicle, and a collision with a bit of dust could be catastrophic. So the team set out to quantify just how risky these collisions could be.

Spass mit Physik :)

Christian Frick lenkt am Open Air Basel den Bass in gezielte Spuren – sehr zur Freude der Anwohner (

«Wir werden dem Bass sicher 90 Prozent Energie entziehen», sagt Frick, «wenn alles gelingt sogar bis zu 99 Prozent.» Das wäre eine Emissionssenkung von bis zu 20 Dezibel, also ein siebenmal geringerer Schall-Intensitätspegel oder, psychoakustisch subjektiv beurteilt, weniger als ein Viertel so laut wie das ungefilterte Ursprungssignal.

Noise Cancelling in gross!

Frequent Password Changes Is a Bad Security Idea (

The researchers used the transformations they uncovered to develop algorithms that were able to predict changes with great accuracy. Then they simulated real-world cracking to see how well they performed. In online attacks, in which attackers try to make as many guesses as possible before the targeted network locks them out, the algorithm cracked 17 percent of the accounts in fewer than five attempts. In offline attacks performed on the recovered hashes using superfast computers, 41 percent of the changed passwords were cracked within three seconds.

Also ja wenn man das Passwort nicht dämlich hochzählt sondern anständige Passwörter vergibt sollte das Problem vom Tisch sein.

Machine Learning is Fun! Part 4: Modern Face Recognition with Deep Learning (

Have you noticed that Facebook has developed an uncanny ability to recognize your friends in your photographs? In the old days, Facebook used to make you to tag your friends in photos by clicking on them and typing in their name. Now as soon as you upload a photo, Facebook tags everyone for you like magic

Machine Learning und Gesichtserkennung

HTTPS Adoption doubled this year (

Despite being around for over 20 years, HTTPS has always remained very lightly adopted – until now. Data from 2 independent sources show HTTPS adoption has more than doubled in the last year, an unprecedented massive spike in adoption of this security control.

SSL Must-read Nummer 3

A guy trained a machine to “watch” Blade Runner. Then things got seriously sci-fi. (

In other words: Warner had just DMCA’d an artificial reconstruction of a film about artificial intelligence being indistinguishable from humans, because it couldn’t distinguish between the simulation and the real thing.