→ Error Undoes Faster-Than-Light Neutrino Results – ScienceInsider

This comment further to the LHC articlemade me laugh!

OPERA: “Yes, hello? Tech support?”
Tech: “Hello, and welcome to CERN Tech Support. Can I help you?”
OPERA: “Yeah, we are getting anomalous results that, uh, would appear to upend the theory of relativity…”
Tech: “That is a concern. Is your Large Hadron Collider plugged in?”
OPERA: “Yes, but that’s not the problem. It’s, er, the neutrinos. They’re all coming sort of fast.”
Tech: “Is your neutrino detector plugged in?”
OPERA: sigh “Yes.”
Tech: “Have you tested your router/GPS connection recently?”
OPERA: “…”


→ RFC 1925 – The Twelve Networking Truths

With sufficient thrust, pigs fly just fine. However, this is
not necessarily a good idea. It is hard to be sure where they
are going to land, and it could be dangerous sitting under them
as they fly overhead.

This and other truths like the following are found in the RFC 1925.

No matter how hard you push and no matter what the priority, you can’t increase the speed of light.