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  • Open Source! – Wenn dein täglich Brot für jede*n einsehbar ist

    Am Easterhegg 19 in Wien hatte ich das Vergnügen nebst gutem Kaffe zu trinken, Menschen zu treffen welche ich am Kongress zum letzten mal gesehen habe. Einige mögen den Talk bereits kennen. Diesmal war das ganze aber in Deutsch und meine Güte, wenn dem Hirn schon bewusst ist was es auf Englisch erzählen würde aber […]

  • Drupal HackCamp 🇷🇴 How open source helps you prevent the next Drupalgeddon

    When Adrian from Softescu reached out to me it was the first time i heard about the Drupal HackCamp. A whole camp focused on security – SURE! I’ll write more about the camp later. Let’s start with my slides here first! Slides Conclusions Web Application Firewalls buy you time till you update your site Update […]

  • Is NoOps the new evil?

    And we continue with talking. I had the great opportunity to talk at DevOpsDays Warsaw this year. This time about the Topic of NoOps and how we work with this paradigm at And remember the CFP for DevOpsDays Zurich is still open! Slides – Download Resources: Mike Gualtieri – I Don’t Want DevOps. I Want […]

  • Drupal Mountain Camp : Systems then and now

    During the first Drupal Mountain Camp in the wonderful scenery of Davos, I was given the opportunity to talk about the concepts of virtualized systems, containers and how systems have been provisioned during my time on the job. Several principles of System Design were covered as well as the fact that “new technologies” are maybe […]

  • Drupal Camp Cape Town 2016 – Fast websites for all of us

    I was invited to Drupal Camp Cape Town to present on a topic which is very dear to me: “Fast websites for everyone” I was covering  principles or issues which need to be addressed in order to get sites as quickly as possible to the user. My personal thanks go to the Team behind Drupal Camp Cape Town. […]