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  • “One of the greatest labor-saving inventions of today is tomorrow.”

    — Vincent T. Foss

  • Re : Travel

    The key to preparation is to strike a balance between knowing what’s out there and being optimistically ignorant. The gift of the information age, after all, is knowing your options — not your destiny — and those people who plan their travels with the idea of eliminating all uncertainity and unpredictability are missing out on […]

  • Vor 2570 Tagen …

    Vor 2570 Tagen schrieb jemand folgenden Kommentar zu einem Startup das gerade ihr Minimalprodukt vorstellte: The only problem is that you have to install something. See, it’s not the same as USB drive. Most corporate laptops are locked and you can’t install anything on them. That’s gonna be the problem. Also, another point where your […]