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Category: Talks

  • #PHPDay – More on Serverless 🤖

    More Serverless! After two inspiring days of attending the JSDay, I had the chance to talk about the concepts around the serverless movement and our approach to it at PHPDay. It’s been a while since my last PHPDay/JSDay and the conference is still as welcoming and nice as I had it in my memory. (Just […]

  • #WAQ18 – Serverless in the new world of web development 🚀

    I was given the huge oportunity to talk about serverless and how infrastructure evolves over time at the annual Web à Quebéc. A huge thanks already goes out to the team that organizes the conference. It’s a blast to see so many dedicated people investing their spare time into such a massive conference! Merci a […]

  • BadCamp 2017 – ChatOps ⌨

    At the Bay Area Drupal Camp I got the opportunity to speak about ChatOps and how we tackle the topic around ChatOps. Slides Download

  • Drupal Mountain Camp : Systems then and now

    During the first Drupal Mountain Camp in the wonderful scenery of Davos, I was given the opportunity to talk about the concepts of virtualized systems, containers and how systems have been provisioned during my time on the job. Several principles of System Design were covered as well as the fact that “new technologies” are maybe […]

  • Drupal Camp Cape Town 2016 – Fast websites for all of us

    I was invited to Drupal Camp Cape Town to present on a topic which is very dear to me: “Fast websites for everyone” I was covering  principles or issues which need to be addressed in order to get sites as quickly as possible to the user. My personal thanks go to the Team behind Drupal Camp Cape Town. […]