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Angelesen #7

An NSA Coworker Remembers The Real Edward Snowden: ‘A Genius Among Geniuses’ – Forbes

Snowden had been brought to Hawaii as a cybersecurity expert working for Dell’s services division but due to a problem with the contract was reassigned to become an administrator for the Microsoft intranet management system known as Sharepoint. Impressed with his technical abilities, Snowden’s managers decided that he was the most qualified candidate to build a new web front-end for one of its projects, despite his contractor status. As his coworker tells it, he was given full administrator privileges, with virtually unlimited access to NSA data. “Big mistake in hindsight,” says Snowden’s former colleague. “But if you had a guy who could do things nobody else could, and the only problem was that his badge was green instead of blue, what would you do?”

McSweeney’s Internet Tendency: The Amazon Primeinator.

Amazon Prime. Drone delivery unit.

I didn’t order anything from Amazon Prime.

You will.


JetBrains’ St. Petersburg R&D Lab

Die neuen Büros von Jetbrains – die Firma welche hinter PHP Storm steht. #officeporn

SensioLabs raises 5 million euros to boost the Symfony ecosystem – Fabien Potencier

So, what is SensioLabs going to do with the money? First, we want to move the Symfony ecosystem to next level. I started Symfony 7 years ago to help companies improve their usage of PHP, and to give them a framework that implements some of the best practices needed to develop solid web applications. Now comes the time to improve the ecosystem around Symfony: bundles (more than 2,200 bundles now), applications based on Symfony (e-commerce, CRMs, CMSes, …), and products improving the Symfony development experience. It’s key for Symfony and we want to help community initiatives in this area the best we can.
Besides helping the Symfony Open-Source community, SensioLabs will also be able to hire more talented developers (we plan to hire about 60 people in the coming year). We will also extend our services internationally, and focus on providing great SaaS products (like the upcoming SensioLabsInsight). In one sentence: we want to improve the current PHP toolset.

Sensio kriegt 5M Euro – Fabien gibt einen Einblick, was mit diesem Geld geschieht.

Collected slides of SymfonyCon Warsaw 2013 by sprain’s

Manuel hat sich die Mühe gemacht die Slides der SymfonyCon zusammen zu tragen.

Tell me more about your real-time systems

High activation frequencies: In automotive electronics there are functions which require high service activation frequencies. Some control loops require sampling frequencies of up to 4 kHz. In engine control control applications even higher service activation frequencies are required to monitor the actual position of the crankshaft or camshaft. Some systems resolve one revolution of the engine with an accuracy of 6 degrees. By considering a maximum engine speed of 7000 rpm the time interval between the passage of 6 degree cranktv shaft is as little as 142µs. This results in a service activation frequency of 7 kHz for the service which monitors the crank angle position. For these reasons cumulated service activation frequencies of up to 10kHz are assumed. To achieve these high activation frequencies the context switch between different tasks has to be very efficient.

Wunderbarer Buchauszug auf dem Blog von Alvaro über real-time distributed Systems : Autos und Motoren

The NSA: An Inside View

I use the term “look” deliberately: the Agency makes the distinction that looking at data is surveillance, while gathering it from locations outside the US is not.

Ein sehr offener Artikel über die NSA eines Ex-Mitarbeiters. Interessant auch, dass der Artikel von der NSA geprüft und freigegeben wurde.

Back of a Napkin

New projects are exciting.  Answering  five questions will help sort out some basics that are crucial to your future success.

Fünf grundlegende Fragen die man besprechen sollte wenn man mit mehreren Personen ein Projekt aufzieht.

Schneier on Security: NSA Tracks People Using Google Cookies

Little has been written about how QUANTUM interacts with cookie surveillance. QUANTUM is the NSA’s program for real-time responses to passive Internet monitoring. It’s what allows them to do packet injection attacks. The NSA’s Tor Stinks presentation talks about a subprogram called QUANTUMCOOKIE: “forces clients to divulge stored cookies.” My guess is that the NSA uses frame injection to surreptitiously force anonymous users to visit common sites like Google and Facebook and reveal their identifying cookies. Combined with the rest of their cookie surveillance activities, this can de-anonymize Tor users if they use Tor from the same browser they use for other Internet activities.

Was hier technisch vor sich geht, ist gleichzeitig höchst interessant und beängstigend.