Angelesen #73

I listened to a podcast with Seth Godin lately and found a very matching quote: There’s no such thing as writer’s block – there’s just bad practice. Seth Godin on Imposter Syndrome, Getting Unstuck and The Practice And I feel I should get back into the habit of reading… like offline dead-trees-with letters on it […]

Angelesen #68

This week I read into a few very good pieces – There was an interesting attack on twitter which can be read from both perspectives, some good blog posts about post-mortems from Slack and you might want to dust off your YAST skills as Suse just bought Rancher Labs. Plus you might want to think […]

Angelesen #67

The avid reader of my not so weekly blogposts might have realized that sometimes a German article finds it’s ways into the list – I start to mark them now with 🇩🇪 I saw that Marcel also started his blog series named Crossreading – enjoy!