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Angelesen #58

And again got stuck in just drafting things and not publishing them. Let’s fix that.

#NoDeployFriday: helpful or harmful? (

Understanding the blast radius of a change The maturity of the deployment pipeline The ability to automatically detect errors The time it takes to fix problems

Good writeup on why I usually decline condemn deployments to production systems on a Friday. Because you usually don’t tick all the boxes you should.

the “future of work” is here… so why aren’t more companies remote-first? (

When I tell people I’m the CEO of a company with 80 team members in 14 time zones and no “real” offices (no offense to WeWork), many look at me like I’m crazy.

Ah… so familiar with that. Conventional company structures still are in the minds of people. In my perspective the pros outweigh the cons on a fully remote team drastically. It will just take time till more and more companies adopt this schema.

RAMBleed (

We don’t recommend that you stop using SSH any more than we recommend that you stop using the internet.

Rowhammering has been discussed here in the blog already a few times – This time it seems to be more serious. Everything is broken – but also that’s not really news.

Maker Faire halts operations and lays off all staff (

Years ago i built the Lunamod together with Habi. Since then I was subscribed to the Makezine. Sad to see that the company is hitting a rough time.

The End of an Era for easyDNS… (

A couple days later the landlord came back, standing firm on 5-year extension, plus an across the board rental increase of about 8%, plus a baked-in annual increase of 6%, plus an additional levy for a new HVAC system on the roof.

Considering this against the macro backdrop: We’re staring a recession in the face. After kicking the can after the 2000 Tech Wreck the 2008 GFC, central banks and policy makers have no dry powder. Interest rates are already near zero, they can’t normalize. Real estate in Canada has topped out and next major move for property prices will likely be down. The next recession will be global and it is going to be brutal. (All IMHO, of course. I write a lot more about these issues over on Guerrilla-Capitalism)

And here we have a chance to painlessly jettison a major chunk of SG&A, along with a long term liability north of 7-digits and the difference goes straight to the bottom line.

The decision was a no-brainer. It was time to pack up shop, and go 100% virtual.

Interesting Twist on virtual teams when it comes to the rental cost of an office.

Fresh Spectre Vulnerabilities May Force Cloud Providers to Disable Intel Hyper-Threading (

Because disabling Hyper-Threading will slow the processor speeds — Apple, for example, has seen “up to 40%” degradation in server performance from disabling Hyper-Threading — such measures “could introduce real costs from the loss of available density in these cloud providers’ environments,” he wrote.

Old news – But HyperThreading seems to be broken – And AMD is still smiling (till everyone is digging trough the AMD architecture)