From the mailbox: GAN Chargers

I wrote about my Travel Setup a bit back and it already changed. Thanks to my amazement and obsession over the GAN chargers (well batteries and chargers in general) and Andrew being a generous chap I now own Anker PowerPort Atom PD1 first which is a 30 Watt single port USB-C PD charger. I think […]

On Virtual Events

With the current situation carrying on for most likely another while and conferences not happening in person one of my main reasons for travel falls away. It is also interesting to see how a few conferences deal with the new reality. There are many variations of it but I see a few reoccurring themes: Postponed […]

Angelesen #68

This week I read into a few very good pieces – There was an interesting attack on twitter which can be read from both perspectives, some good blog posts about post-mortems from Slack and you might want to dust off your YAST skills as Suse just bought Rancher Labs. Plus you might want to think […]

Angelesen #67

The avid reader of my not so weekly blogposts might have realized that sometimes a German article finds it’s ways into the list – I start to mark them now with 🇩🇪 I saw that Marcel also started his blog series named Crossreading – enjoy!

Angelesen #66

This week a few ARM discussions around the new announcement Apple made (apparently ARM is all the rage these days), the new CERN super-collider (yes 100km circumference!), assessments on the US power-grid and a K8s upgrade good read.